Welsh Political Activists Playing being Teachers and Researcher abusing Teachers

        There has been a tradition in Wales for certain Welsh language political activists to play at being teachers and researchers in providing Welsh lessons for adults and children. No one would play a being nurse or solicitors. 

   Aran Jones Saysomethinginwelsh.com has a degree in Welsh literature, his partner Iestyn ap Dafydd has no qualifications. Only Q.T.S. and Q.T.L.S. teachers are legally entitled to call themselves teachers. Even university academics are only tutors.

        The activists have made up unique new second language learning, so unique that no one else applies them in the world and they are castigating proven learning methods and professional teaching practice. Aran Jones claims to have discovered a method that allows a new language to learn to a communicative level in seven hours.

        It unclear whether Aran has been nominated for the Nobel Prize.  The W.J.E.C. claims it takes adult four years of part-time study to reach G.C.S.E. level Welsh language proficient. It takes around 10,000 hours of native language fluency.  He demonstrates no respect to English speakers.

     There is evidence instant stick 'Bostick' fast memorisation method of dlanguage learning, which he described he use to  learn Manx to communicative level in a day, whilst sipping 'Manx Vodka'. He went on Manx T.V. to explain his discovery of the 'way forward for language learning'.

       Aran has written a Kindle Book. It is amazing publication. It is very amusing. It is reasonable to suggest that someone who does not know very much, he does not appear to a polite vocabulary when speaking to English speakers. Anyone English speaker, who criticises his work gets abused.

      Welsh Language Political activists like Aran Jones demonstrate not respect towards English speakers and are engaging in a war for no good reason. Aran does not appear to have a polite English vocabulary when addressing English speakers. He has been making up his own methods. He has not had the conviction to read a book to help his patron's learn Welsh.
He is not a man of his word. His makes promises that he cannot deliver.

 Aran Jones does appear to have appear to have a relationship with Welsh universities and all they appear to be interested in is playing politics with Welsh learners interests. The time appears long overdue when the Welsh Government takes the Welsh for Adult service out from universities, where academics have inflated salaries for doing very little. A'Level maths and English are taught there, they are registered and they must have their learners interests at heart.

The Big Lesson from the World Best School System: Trust your Teachers.
9th August 2017 - Guardian

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Aran Jones Empty C.V.