Why are Professional Teachers Status being Undermined in Wales by Welsh for Adult Tutors

       The Welsh Governments aspiration to develop world class school teaching is a commendable one, but when it comes to the university lead Welsh for Adult service, tutors appear to be allowed to do anything they like. It is difficult to conceive that giving Karaoke is an appropriate method teaching anything.

        A very interesting Times Educational Supplement article by head teacher in England sums up the no win situation professional teachers are in the 'warped assessment culture'. Teaching is not like dentistry where children are required only open their mouth to allow the dentist to apply their professional skills, and their 'victims'  can then jump out of the chair.

  Learning is something children can only construct for themselves through responding to appropriately structured and delivered learning experiences to them. Not all children are enthusiastic learners. Any teacher that cannot teach gets 'struck off', not allowed to practice for twenty years as Welsh academic tutors 'instructors' have been allowed to do.

   Dic Mortimer called for Welsh for Adult learners to be taught by professional teachers in Wales. Colin Miles claimed he was taught by rote, not taught. 

       Rowntree 1982 refers to some teachers having twenty years teaching experience and other people experience of teaching the same thing twenty times. How anyone like Ioan Talfryn can apply a flawed method for twenty years without working it out is a complete mystery.

       Certain Welsh tutors are self-annointing themselves as experts in their fields and they are giving reckless advice in the process. Taflryn must be a very ignorant person if he does not know how to learn anything. He does not even know how to tutor, let alone teach.

        While doctors and solicitors claim high fees for giving their professional opinions, all too often teachers get contempt for theirs. The personal abuse Howard has had form Aran Jones has not been pleasant. He was told he I could not teach. He was lacking in intelligence and no one wanted to read his books. 

        My parents of Howard's generation have warned their children not to enter the teaching profession.  It is prudent advice!