Why creating a million speakers by 2050 will not save the Welsh language - the maths does not add up!.

        A University of Galway reports on the future of the Irish language states that 67% is the tipping point of any language. A language is a virus that needs to be constantly shared between those who speak it. This is level that is needed to create an environment for learners to develop language fluency and for fluent speakers to maintain it.                                                                                         There ambition to create a million speakers in Wales would only raise the proportion of Welsh speakers in Wales 30%. The proportion would only grow to that level over 30 Years from the current 11%. This assumes that there would be a even distribution amongst Welsh speakers in Wales.                    There is the problem of the different Welsh speaking dialects. Welsh speakers and more especially Welsh learners, may not necessarily be able to converse with speakers who speak different version of Welsh.                                     There is issue which level of Welsh they will speak. There is proportion of the current 18 to 26 year olds who do not view themselves as fluent proper Welsh speakers.                                                                               The only way the living Welsh language can survive for it to be intensively developed in specific communities and for a Welsh learners dialect to emerge.

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