Why it is Virtually Impossible for Adult to Learn Welsh in Wales - Universities have Failed Learners

         The provision of Welsh for Adult in Universities is a historical anachronism. Their practices are still based upon 1950s Skinnerist rote teaching methods that lamentably fails community learners needs. Professional teachers would be placed upon a competency procedure for praticising them. Universities can  do anything they like.

      A Ph.D is only needed to teach undergraduates. Universities teach elite academic students. They have no experience of teaching community learners. Welsh language learning discontinuity are high. It is not really surprising bearing the ancient learning methods they use.

     Ioan Talfryn thought he discovered a miracle method of learning Welsh. He developd the delusion that adults could absorb language subconsciously if they listened to music and he taught them like three year old children. He has been tutoring nothing for since 1995. Research suggests he is not going to get a Nobel Prize for his discovery.

 The Welsh language university academics appear ignorant of the fact that learning is very well researched and that there are proven teaching methods that are supported by cognitive research.

       They have have been attempting to reinvent the educational wheel to develop a Welsh speakers way of practising Welsh language tutoring. They have ended up creating a rather square one.  

       deSuggestopedia was referred to on S4C Cariad@iaeth as the new scientifically proven 1970s method of language learning. It is of Dr. Who vintage!

     There is the myth that new languages are easy to learn. They are not. deKayser (2005), who are cognitive linguists, claim they it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, practising like practising a piano, to develop native language fluency. Lianne Wood, Plaid Cymru, has had the honesty to admit she was not a fluent in Welsh speaker.

 deKayser refers university language graduates, who go abroad to practice living through the new language they are learning, all to often use more of their native language than they intend. This is because they struggle to communicate in the detail that want in the language that they are learning. Welsh speaker tend to insist on speaking English to learners (Dr Margaret Newcombe).

Colin Miles - I do not want to learn pigeon Welsh