Why Should Primary Children be Branded as Failures - Helen Ward Tes

     There probably is a formula of how to develop children learning to their full learning potential, but whether it will ever be discovered is a different issue. There is a growing secure evidence that the children's learning potential can never will be equal. There is clear evidence that learning success will always be more difficult to achieve for certain children than for others. Why should they be branded as failures?
  The story of Emile, who featured in Dylan Williams vidoe, was the child who tended to answer all the questions in her class, but when her teacher started using sticks to randomly ask children questions, she removed hers. The reason she gave was because she did not all the answers!!!

       Children are not inaminate objects. None of us enjoy failure. Reminding children of what they cannot do, does not give them an incentive to work harder. Teacher also get criticised when children are branded as failure. This issue needs to be addressed.

Why Should Primary Children be Branded as Failures