Why the Pisa Virus must be Exterminated throughout the World

      The problem with the National Curriculum is that the curriculum development cycle, became flat, the content of the curriculum became stuck in the mud, so that the purpose of the curriculum became to deliver the curriculum. The complement of the National curriculum became the master of the process.

      If a curriculum is to serve children's interests, the curriculum cannot be divorced from considering the extent that what is specified for children to learn in the curriculum is realistic and attainable. An intrinsic part of curriculum development is evaluation, which evaluate what is assessed realistically reflects what children have achieved.

       Teachers were admitting in the 2016 English Primary Sats 'raise the bar' assessments that they were teaching to test. The attainment targets set were totally unrealistic. 

         The Welsh Government has had the insight to abandon it Pisa targets. The Cockcroft Report 1982 into mathematical education contended that the curriculum should be developed from the bottom up. It must have the courage not to view the content of Pisa assessments as being a straight jacket that the Welsh Government's curriculum must conform to.

The Pisa Virus Should be Exterminated