Working Memory Revisited - The Influence of Neu-science

      There is research in Cambridge brain institute that illustrates that the possession fast neural pathways, white matter, has a strong influence upon children language and maths development. This complements working memory that fast access to information has lower cognitive load that when children have to 'dig out' information from memory. The pathways will improve children opportunity to develop fluency.

      There are differences in the capacities in working memory the central executive, the phonological loop and the visu-spatial space pad. Dyslexia relates to an in-balance between the latter.

        There is more research that Howard has undertaken. Working memory is a very strong predictor of children's school achievements.
       There is some fascinating Ytube presentations on my "Review of Ytube Video". There is evidence that cognitive growth in certain language centres can be observed. This illustrates that different 'language' type like English. German,  and Chinese employs different learning centres in the brain.