Howard Book Short Overview     -

       This researched book discusses the teaching and learning of second languages in general. It is the first book written by an educationalist that directly addresses the issue of learning Welsh.

       The book addresses the general principles of learning; problem solving; metacognition; developing positive learning attitudes; developing vocabulary and grammar; developing fluency; and how to teach. 240p

       This researched book discusses the teaching and learning of second languages in general. It discuss memory, working memory and language cognition.

       The book also considers the working memory relationship between language, music and mathematics. 240p  

     This researched book discusses the applied learning implications of Developing a New Perspective. It considers language learning, second language learning, music and mathmatical learning. 240p

      Effective teaching and learning is increasingly being based upon scientific principles. This book is developed from “Developing a New Perspective on First and Second Language Teaching and Learning” (2016). It is intended to consider what was researched and discussed.

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     This researched book considers the Pisa international school assessment. The Welsh Government has dropped its Pisa targets.

Political Dream, Practical Realities Welsh Language 

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          The future of the living Welsh Language has been described as being in crisis. This book contains researched papers that considers the future of the Welsh language, Welsh for Adult tutoring and the contentious proposal that all children in Wales should learn be taught through the medium of Welsh. There remains a lack of researched literature on these issues.

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        This book was developed from Howard Welsh language learning notes and the self-study research he undertook into the Welsh language when he was learning it.  He devoted his time and money to improve his Welsh for professional development. 


 Howard wrote it for Welsh Adult learners, English speakers, not Welsh tutors, especially all those thousand of learners who have tried and failed to learn Welsh in Wales. The only publication that I am aware even referst to the difficulties that learners encounter learning Welsh was by Colin Miles, who was chemist. I offer pragmatic solutions to them.