The Complexity of Hereditarbility Scores Explained  -

          Hereditability relates to a correlation, which measures the differences between two sets of statistics, measures. It could be measuring the differences between two days of temperature every hour. If the temperatures are identical on the two days, if the gap between the two temperatures would be identical. 

         A perfect correlation will be 1, 100%. They would be like to railway lines. A perfect negative correlation would be 0, 0%. The gap in two e
lines will never be the same.

       Hereditary relates to difference in samples. Theoretically a given group of men could be all around 2 metres tall with a spread of 0.1 metre or more.

        If an genetic identical sets of seeds was placed in a tray, then any differences in how high they grow will be due to the environment. The score would be 0, 0%.   

      If a genetic vaired sets of seeds was placed in a tray, then the differences would be attributed to the environment. The score
would be 0, 0%.   

      The reason why a great deal of research is done on identical twins is because they generally share the same genes. Much of Plomin's research has been on identical twins where they have been separated from each other through each  being adopted by separate parents.

        Plomin geneticist states in the T.E.S that:-

       "A useful example from Blueprint is that heriditability for weight is 70%. But that does not mean that your weight is 70 % cent down to your DNA. Instead, it means that 70 per cent of the differences between the weight of individuals across a population – the variability – is down to differences in DNA."

     Hereditability scores are not constant. Genes cannot exist without an environment. The more children are given equitable learning environments in school the more the heriditability, genes will account for the differences.

  Hereditrability score about populations, not individuals. They are averages. They are probabilities.

       The probabilities relate to averages. The conform to the standards distribution curve. RR.

        The hereditability of breast cancer in women is xx. Even if two identical twins have the genes that increase the risk of their having cancer, it does not necessarily mean that one or either will have the illness.

      The polygenic score is the risk that can be established through D.N.A.  It is not a precise measure. It does explain what behaviours and characteristicts exist amongst populations

          Genetics is not deterministic, but it does set the parameters of behaviours and capabilities.

           Child genisus have acceptional talent. it cannot be achieved simply through hard work.