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This website is being upgraded.

Education Subjects and Concepts

These are intended to introduce readers to the core subjects and other key educationThese will only be updated occasionally.

Videos and Papers 

    This is a resource of interesting
Videos and Papers. i.e. Bristol University videos on working memory. 

     There is 

      There is a resource of
T.E.S. Times Educational Supplement articles, Howard's Papers and two of Howard's books, which are available on pdf. The Pisa book is currently unavailable.

       There is also a '
Reviewed Website Videos, Review Papers Sections and Reviewed Tes Article specific videos, papers, T.E.S. Articles and books. There is also neuro-science review.

New Articles and Articles
These are topical articles written by Howard.

There a bibliograhy for the references referred to on this website and qoutations.

Learning Advice

      This element of the website will be developed.

Interesting Feature

Tes Review Articles - Natalie Brundell, school girl, on what should be tested in her G.C.S.E.s. A very perceptive acccount.

Website Video Reviews -

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