Evidence 1 

    Evidence that expecting English native speaking children to learn Welsh and be educated through the Welsh Language will damage their education.

 The fundamental finding of the Cockcroft Report into mathematical learning concluded that understanding enables learners to adapt what they known and can do to the unfamiliar contexts. It is enabling. It relates to a schema that could be viewed as developing an internalised map of city centre. If  a road is closed., then pedestrians or driver can use their understanding to adapt their journey.
        The problem with the National Curriculum is that is was supported by the assessment 'whip'. There is inherent risks in children confronting the unfamiliar. Teacher have been compelled to teach to test, ensure they ever detail of the city just in case they are tested upon it.
Welsh Institute Affairs Paper, Timothy Williams. Children were given the opportunity to learn through the medium of Welsh in Wales, because they were deemed not to sufficiently fluent in English to effectively learn through the medium of Welsh. It was not introduced to teacher native speakers English speaker Welsh.

Timothy Williams - When Teaching Welsh is Futile Experiment I.W.A.

  The Welsh Language Board based on flimsy evidence decided it was
beneficial for learners to learners to learn through the medium of Welsh.

Welsh Language Board Report - Welsh Langauge Delusions 

  Professor Sarah Eaton claims that learning a new language is very complex and that it takes around 10,000 hours to develop native like fluency in a new language, but young children learn languages in a different way to older children and adults. (There is no evidence it does not take 10,000 hours for children to learn a new language).

Professor Sarah Eaton Report

rofessor John Sweller, a world authority on cognitive overload clearly states that learning a new language and a subject content will cause cognitive overload. He is explicitly stating that children and adults will always learn more effectively in their most fluent language. He concedes that very young children learn languages naturally in a different way to adults.

Professor John Sweller

  The University of Galway research report suggests that 67% of speakers is the tipping point of a living language. This is the environment need for speakers to practice and refresh a language to keep it living. It is the environment that learners need to be bathed in to develop fluency in a new language.
It warns that the Irish language is becoming a language of education.

B.B.C. Report about the Galway Report (The Report is in Irish) 

  The difficulty of Learning Welsh is illustrated by honest Colin Miles and Dick Mortimer. Confessions of a Welsh Learner.

Colin Miles - I Do not want to Learn Pigeon Welsh I.W.A.

Confession of Welsh Learner

 These are the problem that exist in the Welsh Language, which Cymdethias Iaeth appear unconcerned about.

Home Truth About the Welsh Langauage  Decline - Harris

Alun Cairns - Youth not Speaking Proper Welsh.

Media Wales - The Welsh Dialect Crisis - Five Different Words for Common Things

  This Shah paper illustrates the political window dressing, the resistance to change and that expecting adults and children to learn Irish (or Welsh) avoids the real issues surrounding the future of the Irish language.

Shah Report

This is research book written by Howard on the future of Welsh language learning and the Welsh language.

The Full Research Book

What does this mean?

     The Welsh language is technically not a living language.  It does not meet the 67% living language the threshold. Dr Maragaret Newcombe, Cardiff School of Welsh, claimed in her book that the English Language has been the language of commerce and law since the Act of Union. The Welsh language is not dead, but it primarily remains the language of communities and the home.

 There is no such thing a standard Welsh. The Welsh language is deframgmented and scattered language. It cannot survive in its current form in the modern form. it is virtually impossible for adult to learn Welsh. Expecting all children to learn through the medium of Welsh will damage the Welsh language. Only a lot  hard work by Welsh speakers will save it.

        The Welsh language is a national language of Wales and part of Welsh culture. There is no good reason that it should be taught in Welsh schools, but life on planet earth is dictated by science. if there was easy way to learn any language and a way to save living languages then someone would have found it.

Yule, linguist, refers to a Welsh as being a language of the community and learners of minority language need to become fluent in majority language to participate in the wider society.

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