Garage -


Total Width 22 cms  (brick length)

Wall to pipe 7cm and to end of the pipe 10 cms

22 cms - 10 cms - 12 cms frame border (right)

12 cms + 3 pipe width (hole) = 7 cms  possible border (left) 


Length & Heigth

Pipe protect 16 cms in length

Length of Frame not know say 20 cms - cut by 4 cms.

The Pipe Height is 24 cms - Total Clearance is 55cms

20 cms possible low border under pipe. 


If Utilities had arrived after my new order garage doors have been
fitted then they would have had to establish a way around the problem.

This appears the most likely problem?

4 ins is around 10 cms unclear what that means is this the width?

if it is it will be legnth that fails!

wood 10  - Steel 10 cms nearst the street.