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      This book "Political Dreams, Practical Realities. The Future of the Welsh Language and Welsh Language Learning" by H.J.D. Gunn (2017) presents a series of papers and an extract from Howards third book.  The are now a second of edition of the book available in pdf form.

          The future of the living Welsh Language is a very emotional political issue in Wales. There is a failure to understand that, as this research book illustrates, that the learning of the Welsh language and the future of the Welsh language will be dictated by science.

         There is failure to understand in respect of expecting  English speaking children to learn a new language so they can be educated through the medium of it that new language are not learnt instantly and children will always learn most effectively in their most fluent language. If children attempt to learn a language while they are learning a curriculum content, this will reduce their learning capacity. 

       The research on working memory is so established that this cannot be questioned. There is a seven years spread in working memory capacity. Research also illustrates that working memory and intelligence is related to brain efficiency, the white matter that links brain hubs. The evidence are fixed. It will be more difficult for around 33% of children to reach any level of learning success than other children. 

        The fundamental problem with adults learning Welsh is that new languages cannot be learnt exclusively in classrooms. Learners need to go out to use the language they are learning to achieve anything resembling fluency. There are too few Welsh speakers in Wales and opportunities to allow learners to achieve this. It is virtually impossible to develop even basic level of Welsh language fluency unless they live in Welsh speaking families. 

          There is a notion that new languages are easy to learn. They are not. They are much more complicated they most people appreciate. Research illustrates it takes around 10,000 hours to develop mastery, develop fluency in a new language. It is not an exact figure, but it gives and indication of the scale of learning a new language. It not significantly different to time need to become a concert pianist. They practice for four hours a day.

    The issue of Welsh medium education is that it is preparing children to exclusively live their lives through the medium of Welsh, but Wales has been a bilingual country since 1535 and it is important that Welsh medium education prepares children to live in bilingual Wales. They face a very uncertain future. The one certainty is that developing English language will be important for their futures. Literacy is always a matter of degree.

  The harsh reality of the Welsh language is that at 67%, which is  the tipping point of a living language, the Welsh language is not living, but technically it not dead either.  Most English speakers hav respect for the Welsh language. No one has a choice of the language they are brought up with. There is no evidence that encouraging more adults to learn Welsh or children will save the living the Welsh language.

        The future of the Welsh language can only be achieved through modernise is and make more user friend so it can be retained with less practice. Languages are living things. They are shared like viruses. Unless they adapt to change they will become extinct. 

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  Shah (2014) provides  detailed researched overview of the state of the Irish language. It provides a detailed insight into the problems that exist in heritage minority languages. There is no evidence that the Welsh language activists have had interest in such issues.

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Final Note       

        Howard has avoided claiming that learning through the medium of Welsh damages children's education. This is because there is the issue of how hard children work in Welsh medium schools and the extent that they develop fluency. Intelligent children will more likely to succeed in schools that those with less learning potential.

         There are parents choosing for their children to learn through the medium of Welsh so their children can learn the Welsh language, but they must be aware that their children go to school to be educated. Whatever children achieve in Welsh medium schools the question remains would they have done better if their children learn through the medium of Welsh.

         The research that Howard has undertaken is very deep. Valid research is that accepted by a range of authorities in their fields. There are areas that Howard is uncertain about, such as the transferablity of learning learnt in one language to another. 

          Very often when people claim Welsh medium damages children' s education in the media that are often castigated, but those who make the claims are offering their unqualilified prejudices, and those who castigate them do so also. What is presented her are research professional opinions. The 67% living language stastic is the university of Galway.

         Howard is prepared to publish any papers that anyone would like to submit that directly challenges what he has written, but they must be professional written and provide convincing counter arguments. They can be provided as pdf at the bottom of this page. ,