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Dean Burnett, neuro scientist, who lectures in Cardiff School of Medicine, said in his book that much neuro-science research is mis- represented in the media.

Caution must be apply in interpreting papers. There is difference between specific papers and proven research. The wording is often conditional.

Neuro-science research can be exploited to impress people to promise learning improvement that may not translate into practice.

The brain uses minimum effort to look for key information in text (Click)

         This is a very interesting paper. which is plausible, but it new insecure research.
        When fluent readers read it will rarely be totally new experience. If consider words they are made up of arrangement of syllables. New unfamiliar words are simply unique arrangement of them. This must occur with reading. 

       The research suggests the mental effort that is applied in reading is not even and it concentrates on what is most important for meaning. 

Critical Period for Language Learning Identified

      This interesting paper suggests that the critical period for learning new language grammar is longer than has been originally thought. It can exist up to the age of 18 years.  This research is not necessarily peer reviewed.