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John Sweller - English as a Second Langauge (Click) - Paper

           This paper explains why adults cannot learn languages like young children, because their language is acquired as biological primary skill. The disctinction between primary and secondary learning is fundamental to all learning.

Sutton Trust - Private Extra Tuition is Increasing - Paper
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A Range of Academics Castigating Pisa - Guardian - Article
This Article is range of academics challenging PISA.

Is Pisa Rigged? - Fobes Article

Sarah Eaton - 10,000 hours to Learn a New Language (Paper)

This paper explains how long it takes to learn a new language and what is happening involved in learning it 

Finnish Fairy Stories

Sutton Trust

Sutton Trust - Education Lost Children - Paper ***

Sutton Trust - Lessons for Life - Paper

Sutton Trust - Extra Time - Homework - Paper

Save the Children Wales - Child Poverty - Report

Centre for Child Development - Harvard 1 - Report

Centre for Child Development - Havrard 2 - Report

Health Authority  Report - Early Language Development (Paper)

Genes and Education - Bristol University



 What Makes Good Teaching

Schooling Makes You Smarter I.Q.


Path to Learning

The Seemingly Unbreakable Glass Ceiling

Teaching Strategies

The Science of Learning

Harvard University

Harvard - Early Language Conversation - Article

Harvard -  Reading may Help Children at Risk of Dyslexia - Article

Harvard - Best Reading Practice  - Article

Harvard - When Reading Gets Harder - Article

Harvard - Learning to Read to Learn - Article


Principles of Good Teaching Practice

Hallam - Music and the Intelletual

Hallam - Musical Understanding - Abstract

Music development and Children

Sleep & Learning

Applied Cognitive Load (Maths)

Managing Cognitive Load (Maths 2)

Cognitive Load Theory pdf Paper