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John Sweller - English as a Second Langauge (Click) - Paper
This paper explains why adults cannot learn languages like young children, because their language is acquired as biological primary skill.

Sutton Trust - Private Extra Tuition is Increasing - Paper
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A Range of Academics Castigating Pisa - Guardian - Article
This Article is range of academics challenging PISA.

Is Pisa Rigged? - Fobes Article

Sarah Eaton - 10,000 hours to Learn a New Language (Paper)

This paper explains how long it takes to learn a new language and what is happening involved in learning it 

Finnish Fairy Stories

Sutton Trust

Sutton Trust - Education Lost Children - Paper ***

Sutton Trust - Lessons for Life - Paper

Sutton Trust - Extra Time - Homework - Paper

Save the Children Wales - Child Poverty - Report

Centre for Child Development - Harvard 1 - Report

Centre for Child Development - Havrard 2 - Report

Health Authority  Report - Early Language Development (Paper)

Genes and Education - Bristol University

 Welsh Language

Colin Miles - Pigeon Welsh Confront Mutations  I.W.A.

Timothy Williams - When Teaching Welsh is Futile Experiment I.W.A.

Home Truth About the Welsh Langauage  Decline - Harris

 Confessions of a Welsh Learner

Welsh Language Board - Silly Advice on Welsh School Learning

Eaton - How Long Does It Take To Learn a Language

Beaufort Report - Welsh Language

Beaufort Report - Welsh Language Summary


 What Makes Good Teaching

Schooling Makes You Smarter I.Q.


Path to Learning

The Seemingly Unbreakable Glass Ceiling

Teaching Strategies

The Science of Learning

Harvard University

Harvard - Early Language Conversation - Article

Harvard -  Reading may Help Children at Risk of Dyslexia - Article

Harvard - Best Reading Practice  - Article

Harvard - When Reading Gets Harder - Article

Harvard - Learning to Read to Learn - Article


Principles of Good Teaching Practice

Hallam - Music and the Intelletual

Hallam - Musical Understanding - Abstract

Music development and Children

Sleep & Learning

Applied Cognitive Load (Maths)

Managing Cognitive Load (Maths 2)

Cognitive Load Theory pdf Paper