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Sarah Eaton - 10,000 hours to Learn a New Language (Paper) xx

      This paper explains how long it takes to learn a new language and what is happening involved in learning it.

Colin Miles - Pigeon Welsh Confront Mutations  I.W.A.
       Colin Miles is a chemist, who has provided a very perceptive account of the difficulties of learning Welsh. He explained that adult learners are not taught proper Weslh and he concludes that it is virtually impossible for and adult to learn Welsh.  He refers to rote teaching, which is not teaching, taking place in the Welsh for Adults Service.

Dick Mortimer - Confessions of a Welsh Learner

        This is an account given by Dick Moritmer of how he fought the battle to learn Welsh. He refers to most Welsh tutors as being nice, and he argues until professional teachers are employed too give lessons and learning Welsh will remain extremely difficult for learners.

The Problem of Learning Minority Languages

        This account written by a journalist in the G uardian about why she has given up learning Scottish Gaelic is extremely interesting. Colgan claimed she had completed the excellent Gaelic deuolingual course illustrations being received by their marketing. It is common knowledge amongst second language teachers that knew languages could not be learned from websites. It was predictable that she would not successfully learn Gaelic successful through using it.

Timothy Williams - When Teaching Welsh is Futile Experiment I.W.A.

Home Truth About the Welsh Langauage  Decline - Harris

Welsh Language Board - Silly Advice on Welsh School Learning

Eaton - How Long Does It Take To Learn a Language

Beaufort Report - Welsh Language

Beaufort Report - Welsh Language Summary