Researched Principles of L2 Learning 

1. There are no miracle ways of learning a new language and D.I.Y. methods should be avoided.

Proffessor David Reynolds and Mujis: Hurd and Murphy; Welsh Tutor

Adults cannot learn languages like very young children. There is learning is biologically primary.

Professor John Sweller T.E.S.

2. Children are not glorified voice recorders (Adults are not also.

Chait + Hallet  Authority on children's language learning.

3. Words are fact, which are stored in semantic memory, they can only be learn consciously, especially novice learners.

Wikepedia - Explicit Declarative Memory

4. Facts are not instantly absorb and can be subconsciously learnt.

Petty - How Facts are Learnt

5. Research suggest that it will take 3 years of daily practice to develop a  fluent vocabulary of 500 words in a minority language.

6. Unwillingness of Welsh speakers to speak to Welsh Learners.

Dr Margret Newcombe Cardiff School of Welsh

7. Most Second Language Learners will Never Achieve Native Like Fluency

 Saville Troike

8. The need to apply the four language skills

from Coleman and Klapper

9. The development of vocabualry (Meara)

from Coleman and Klapper

10. de Kayser - language cognitivist - Even university students who are leaning new language struggle to apply their language in everyday language (Pages irregular).

from deKaser