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This Presenation Ilustrates the core concerns about Aran Jones conduct It illustrates one of his ridicolous promotional videos.

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        Aran Jones the Welsh Language activist, who formal directed a Welsh language direct action pressure group " Cymuned, has been giving Welsh lessons on his "Say Something in Welsh" (S.S.I.W.) Website is a quack:-

     "A 'fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill' or 'a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, qualification or credentials they do not possess; a charlatan or snake oil salesman".

He has no legal teaching qualifications. He does not know how to teach or how learners learn. He appears to believe is entitled to say anything he likes. He has even had death threats in the past it appears because of his confrontational behaviour.

The presentations review the ridiculous claims he makes in one his promotional Ytube podcasts.

           Mr Aran Jones had been chief executive of Cymuned, which was a direct action Welsh Language pressure group, and it appears as the money will run out in around 2009, he decided to give Welsh lessos instead. 

         This the ridicolous promises he make on the SSIW website:-

     Some people spend YEARS learning Welsh – but never cross the bridge to becoming a fluent user of the language. If you’re reading this, you probably already feel that you haven’t learnt Welsh as quickly as you had hoped. Maybe you’re worried that you might be trying to learn in the wrong way, and you’d like to know how to do better, and how to find learning Welsh easier.

       Aran Jones also claimed in the North Wales Post when he offering two housing ministers the chance to learn Welsh for free:-

       We have been running experimental intensive courses for a few weekends. If they can spend six to eight hours a day learning Welsh, then it’s possible that they will be able to speak it confidently and with ease. Then, it’s a matter of spending 30 minutes a day practising and speaking so that CCG’s main internal language remains Welsh.”   

and he claimed in Media Wales about his Manx in a Day Stunt:-

      The intensive  learning will run from 8.30am through to 7.30pm, when Aran – who has never previously learnt any Manx – will attempt a live conversation in Manx with Adrian Cain, Manx Language Officer for Culture Vannin.

        We’re excited about helping one of our sister languages with this new course, although I’m personally more than a little worried about the vodka,” he said

He was claiming that sipping Manx Vodka would assist his learning.

        Aran Jones is a pathalogical liar. He went to Isle of Man in 2016 where he claimed he learnt months from scratch using his Manx version of his S.S.I.W. website to a basic conversational level in seven binge learning hours. He was on Manx TV claiming that he had invented a fast memorisation method of language learning in 2016. He claimed it could be done in any language.

          Aaron Jones deceived the Manx Islanders into believing that he had successfully learnt Manx language because he performed the stunt on a Ytube Podcast. All he was doing was repeating arbitrary phrases that were read to him by Manx speakers. He could have only been reading what he was reciting from computer screen.

         What Aran Jones was too ignorant to understand what he claimed was cognitively impossible. Hieni Gruffudd, who is a respected Welsh language tutor, with written dictionaries and grammar books for Welsh learners, claimed it takes around 300 hours of classroom study and 1,200 hours of using Welsh in the community to become a confident Welsh speaker.

         Aran Jones in his fictional Kindle book that he taught someone in Australia Spanish in a day that enabled him to speak to a working friend  in Spanish and that the person maintained the capability for a year without doing any more practising of the language. Hini has also been promising on the website that it possible using his 'insanely intense' website lesson that it is possible for someone to become a confident Welsh speaker if they practice for two hours a week for six months.

         Aaron Jones advises learner to "Cut out the complicated stuff" and he methods are so unique that no one else in the word practices his methods. He appears to hate professional teachers. He has contempt for professional Welsh language teachers, Athro yr Bro, advisory Welsh teachers and Welsh teacher trainer, inspectors. He also has contempt for Welsh for Adult tutors.

         Aran Jones has reported Howard twice to the police for harrssing him for professionally criticising his methods. He castigates every proven second language method that there is.

Here Some Aran Jones Newspeak

Insane is defined as " In a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill." 

If any know what this silly comments means can they kindly email hgunn.uk.

Staggering means " deeply shocking; astonishing."  It is astonishing how a pathological liar, who has no teaching legal qualifications, can make such ridicolous claims in the public domain.

The maths are quite simple. There 26 weeks in half a year. 
Two hours a week makes 52 hours of total practice.
Four hours a week makes 104 hours of practice.
The latter is 1,496 hours short of Hieni Gruffuds figure.
What is coversational speaker?

All Aran Jones is expecting learners to do is memorise arbitrary phrases parrot fashion. Women clearly 

He refers to as methods cut out the complicated stuff method of learning. 

I appears to be expecting expecting his learners to have conversations with parrots.

The title of Aran Jones's website presentation should be Say Anything He Likes.

It takes 1500 hours in class and using it in the community to become confident Welsh speaker.

Hienir Grufudd who made the claim is a very respected honest Welsh language tutor who has devoted his life to supporting the development Welsh learners

Fluent Welsh speaking cannot be developed by simply using poxy websites.

This typical Aran Jones Newspeak is saying when you know you are not fluent in Welsh your friends will believe you are fluent. 

This is the man who went to the Isle of Man where he  deceived the Manx Islanders Into believing that he the learnt Manx from scratch to a basic conversational level in seven binge learning hour

There more interesting things that you can learn after the references.

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   Aran Jones has also been very personal abusive about Howard

Read the Personal Abuse

This is a letter written by Aran Jones partner Dafydd ap Dafydd.

Neither he or Aran Jones has any teaching qualifications.

Howard professional qualifications were on the letter.

It is not a crime for him to professionally criticise Aran Jones methods.

Howard was accused of criminally harassing SSIW having any evidence.

Anyone in the community health team would not have given legal advice to someone. They would be dismissed for gross misconduct if they did 

Ioan ap Dafydd is clear a pathological liar, who claims to have lied to the police. His conduct is clearly immature.

The fact the trading standards was referred to suggest it was an issue.

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