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               Krashen's methods underpinned the behaviours Wlpan method has been practised in many academics in the schools of Welsh,   the following paper by Professor John S illustrated that in older children and adults, mainly young children. Young children are actively involved in their language learning from birth, but they perform it naturally.

           In young children unconsciously aware that engaging in learning a language.  

Hirsch (2008)

           This paper by Professor John Sweller present Johnson's paper the clearly illustrates that adults cannot learn like young children. The concept is widely accepted by cognitive scientists.

Sweller (2018)

          It appears to be a concept amongst certain Welsh language instructors that learning he is an instant process. It is not. 50% of words a lost melanoma of learning it. 

Petty (2009)

          This Wikipedia illustrates the never ever been any evidence to suggest that music can enhance general learning. Research that suggested the's music code related to spatial tasks observed by seeing.

          Paul Mera was an authority on all company development contends that children learn around a 1,000 word in a year in their native language that is all around them. When they are learning a new language they got to develop a fluid command of language fluency. In not going to instantly learn a large amount of words from their earliest lessons.

Meara - Coleman and Klapper (2006)

           There appears to be a notion in the Welsh for Adult Serivce grammar does not need to be taught to learners. It would be impossible for learners to learn every possible phrase of the meeting applying the language. Please just hope the liver pick up the language subconsciously by using it. It is only Welsh speakers appear to believe that lung grammar is not importing language learning 

       Coleman and Klapper (2006) contended that junior academic tutors due to tutoring academic students in universities can learn from professional schoolteachers. Lazanov has never had any training in teaching. It is not a language teacher. In his methods the crater in the 1970s. This is now 50 years ago.

             Professor  David Reynolds has written 33 research books in education. He is now returning to Swansea. Professor David Mujis is now head of Ofstead research. Both within the very distinguished Southampton School of education. deSuggestopedia is a pseudoscience D.I.Y. method.

         This is an extract from Howard's book defines teaching more second language teachers.

         This an extract from Howards second book.