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This presentation review Aran Jones amusing £0.99 Kindle Book

         What happens on impoverished language courses that learners expected to memorise phrases like parrots. It is a mundane self-imposed method of learning a new language. Learners start to exchange the phrases that they have memorised.

          It provides a sense of progress. It is a learning dead-end. The course providers get their money. Learners are fundamentally wasted their time.

Alan Jones appears inclined to say the first thing that enters his head. 

He claimed that someone can learn Spanish in Australia from using his S.S.I.W Webaite,

in a day so that he could have a real conversation in it.

and that the person does not need to revise it for 14 months for.  

If learn 100% Spanish in day in the first day lessons.
There is the issue why he could only remember 80% to 90% in following session over a year later.

          Aaron Jones clearly doesn't know what the word formulaic language means. This the definition of it.  

    Formulaic language (previously known as automatic speech or embolalia) is a linguistic term for verbal expressions that are fixed in form, often non-literal in meaning with attitudinal nuances, and closely related to communicative-pragmatic context.[1] Along with idioms, expletives and proverbs, formulaic language includes pause fillers (e.g., "Like", "Er" or "Uhm") and conversational speech formulas (e.g., "You've got to be kidding," "Excuse me?" or "Hang on a minute").

These are irregular forms of language learners can only learn by rote once they've learned formal language. An Alan Jones is claiming a professor of linguistics is approved as methods. It is unclear to be suffering from brain shock.

        The following is silly. A degree of common sense is not needed to recognise that there are no spaces between words. Anyone listening some new speak in an unfamiliar language struggle to hear a single word.

        It takes considerable time to develop fluency in terms of language technology, every teacher in the world speak slowly someone with a undeveloped command of language. It's unclear what planet Mr Alan Jones is living on. He is clearly a pathological liar. There is no evidence he's taught anyone anything of significance. 

        The problem with ignorance is  people do not know what they do not know. 

        Aran Jones cannot resist abusing teachers and the proven methods they use. 

       Many of his explanations are incomprehensible.

       What is actually claimingm that if he does not  bother to teach anything that learners will pick it up by listening to language.

        He clearly believes that adults, like three-year-olds. It is cognitively impossible to learn lounges naturally like children.

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The best things in life are free
But you can give them to the birds and bees
I want money
That's what I want         

This illustrates what Aran Jones really wants.