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    Teaching is  a legal process. Educational  practice pertains to proven research. It is the recipe that informs on effective practises. If someone challenges another with a professional paper, then it is standard professional practice for that person to answer that challenge.


      Ioan Talfryn has yet to respond to Howard Gunn challenge. The only plausible reason is that he knows that deSuggestopedia is a pseudoscience.


       This is what Derek Brockway published in the Barry and District News about Ioan Talfryn deSuggestopedia method:-

Derek forecasts Welsh speaking fun

12th June 2015

A clearer text proceeds the article.

The text stated:- 

   "The stars will try to master as much Welsh as possible by using a unique teaching method known as 'desuggestopedia'."

    "They will be led by tutors Nia Parry and Ioan Talfryn."

   "Ioan said: "Desuggestopedia is an unusual but pioneering method of language teaching. It comes from Bulgaria originally and it completely undermines the unfortunate tendency people have to underestimate their ability to learn anything new."

     "In your average language lesson, people learn around a dozen new words and repeat them like parrots. Desuggestopedia immerses the learners in about a thousand words from the first lesson and makes extensive use of stories, games and songs in every lesson. After a while, the vocabulary that has found its way into the subconscious comes out and people are able to express themselves naturally."

    "The Welsh Government is sponsoring this year’s series."

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            This is the pantomime Ioan Talfryn egave his adult celebrities on his S4C program, because Lozanov who created deSuggestopedia claimed that adults should be reduced to a  child like state:-

Here the ate the adults dressed up to receive his lessons.

    What is amusing about the white board 'cave drawings' is that very young children can see faces, but they cannot draw what they cannot see. Why learning benefits showing adults cave drawings is a complete mystery.


May 16, 2017

 John Sweller - English as a Second Langauge  - Paper


     Cognitive scientists all over world research word memorisation when researching human memory.  

     The word 'unique' was used by Derek Brockway, which means '' Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else." The method, as practiced by Ioan Taflryn, is unique because adults cannot learn like three-years olds; they cannot memorise words subconsciously; novice learners cannot even consciously learn a 1,000 words in their first lessonsl (Ioan Talfryn admits that then can only memorise twelve); music does not enhance learning and words do not go around the brain like ants and come out three days later. He can only be described as 'de-erudite'.

    There is no evidence of anyone on YouTube practising deSuggestopedia in the way Ioan Talfryn practices it. 

    1960s methods should belong to the 1960s. His S4C rendition of his method may have been extreme, but it illustrates his state of mind, and it is the method he is practising in the Welsh for Adult Service.

     deSuggestopedia is a pseudoscience. He is not entitled to practice pseudoscience in the Welsh for Adult Service.


Although it in not dictated the final word are a 'couple of days later',  which means he believe learners can subconscious absorb a huge amount of language, such as the 1,000 word content of his pantomine. It appears learners also had teh story read to them after it English and then another layers. 

      Readers are invited to listen to the enclosed and work out how many words their subconsious has recognised and retain.

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It is strange that Ioan Talfryn does has not be able to work out there are not gaps between spoken words despite his claims he can speak five languages.

What is most significant Ioan Talfryn claims that huge amount of what they learnt on thier first day will start coming out a few days later. The claim is delusional. It we cannot remember what we learn in lesson after an hour, we will not remember it two or three days later.  Click for  Memorisation - Petty

There has and there will never be miracle ways of learning Welsh.