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There are book with one language in on one page and the other on the next. These can be useful.

Leaners cannot lay one story in the brain and the other on top of it. Like Welsh and English.

Wall displays have

Nia Parry who had been trained by Lazanov demonstrated the deSuggestopedia method on S4C.


The initial fature of the broadcast was the Welsh children's pantomime. The celebrities were given animal masks and animal names. She dressed up as Goldilocks and her partner a bear.

They have them children pantomime where it was believed they could subconsciously absorb the 1,000 words of the phantomime subconsciously.

H.G. Lazanov claimed that adult learners should be reduced to a child like state. Nia took literally. It is cognitively impossible for adults to learn like three year old children. Words are stored in semantic memory which is a declarative one. They can be learned consciously.

 No novice can subconsciously absorb a 1,000 words in a lesson. Children learn around a 1,000 words in their native language every year.

The to theme throughout the series was music enhanced learning and allow loads of information to be loaded into the brain.

H.G. What was being referred to is referred to as the Mozart effect. There  is no evidence it works. The theory only applied to spatial learning not words.

Layers of Memory

The notion that the pantomime layer could be laid first in the brain then the Welsh read story and the English read one of top to an applied memory of the three.

HG. This is cognitively impossible.

Learners were observed singing and dancing reading three verb lists from a wall. They did no do anything with what they were supposed to learn after it

H.G. Lazanov advocated that learners will benefit from wall displays. Nia believed that learners sang and danced in front of a wall they would subconsciously absorb the language.

The author admits that suggestive theory requires ridiculous amount of information to be absorbed.
Ridiculous is defined as  "
Deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd."  
This admission he knew he was making false claims.  

It is very difficult to understand why theories about swaying bridges has relevance to any learning issue.

This is all waffle. The author admit that experts would questions his claims are being purile. 

The puerile means " childishly silly and immature." This sums up the sily account.

The enclosed is a very silly claim. Words don't go round into the brain and circulates like ants.

Microsopic li are grown in the brain between neurons. It is common knowledge. 

The author claims his methods were consistent with Stephen Krashen' s discredited method.

The author claims that de-suggestopedia is rational.
It is so rational very few people who use the method.

These claims are more than absolutely ridiculous.

They are ridiculously disproportionate.    

The claims are totally delusional.

This is the equivalent of doctors advising their patients the smoke.

The risk when self-proclaimed experts give such reckless advice as learners can relieve them.        

The author of this does not appear to understand that learners are human beings.

 The following is simply more waffle. 

Coleman and Klapper (2006) to students sitting learning in armchairs deSuggestopedia.

No one else in the Welsh travel service practice the methods.

It is reasonable just as miracle method worked some would be applying.

What you're this lamenting ignorant about is that the same principles of learning to pop reply to all 

second language courses across the world.

This tutor is saying anything he likes.