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         Ioan Talfryn on his own admission has been trained by a clinical psy you chologist on how to teach Welsh. He refers to the Wlpan  method as teaching languages parrot fashion. They were required to learn through drilling phrases, which they were expected to memorise. Ioan Talfryn was expecting his learners to practice and memorise the stories of his pantomimes and plays.
         Ioan Talfryn has written his Ants in the Head research to prove the validity of his methods. As a leading educationalist I have never been taught about the relevance of swinging bridges bear pedagogy. His complexity theory is so complex understood it. His flip, his flipping theory, which promised learners that if they learned long enough suddenly they would have a miraculous transition to becoming able to fluently speak the language that they learning.
     While all other Welsh for Adult centres were applying Cwrs Mynydediad he was proclaiming his delusional methods superior to all other tutors. If his miracle methods worked, then it is very strange why other centres do not use his delusional accelerated learning method.

        All Ioan Talfryn was giving his learners homework where he was expecting them to memorise his act (pantomime) through reading an Welsh and English version of his the stories of his acts (Pantomime). He was expecting them to be practice reading it every night before bedtime.

        Learners were seen dancing and singing. Doing exercises while speaking Welsh. All Ioan Talfryn was doing was extertaining leaners through making lessons fun and allowing them to do all the work.

          Ioan  pathological ls a pathological liar. He has been making promises he knew we could not deliver. He admitted that he expected his learners to learn a ridiculous amount of information. Ridiculous means inviting to be mocked. He refers to his Ants in the Head research as being 

        He also admits in his silly Ants in the Head research that his research appeared pureile, which is childish, silly and immature. It is very right. 

     In 2019 he reported Howard to sue the police for criminally harassing him through professionally criticising his methods.  It is not a crime professional teacher to criticise an incompetent tutor about his methods.

     Ioan Taflryn is a quack, he is " fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill" or "a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, qualification or credentials they do not possess; a charlatan or snake oil salesman". He has been playing been a teacher for thirty years.
Some key issues follows below.

These claims are more than absolutely ridiculous.

They are ridiculously disproportionate.    

The claims are totally delusional.

This is the equivalent of doctors advising their patients the smoke.

The risk when self-proclaimed experts give such reckless advice as learners can relieve them.        

The author of this does not appear to understand that learners are human beings.

 The following is simply more waffle. 

Coleman and Klapper (2006) to students sitting learning in armchairs deSuggestopedia.

No one else in the Welsh travel service practice the methods.

It is reasonable just as miracle method worked some would be applying.

What you're this lamenting ignorant about is that the same principles of learning to pop reply to all 

second language courses across the world.

This tutor is saying anything he likes.

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