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           The issue Welsh medium education has been a highly political issue in Wales. There has been a failure to understand the language the children learn through is fundamental to their educational success. Children go to school to be educated. They should not be going to school to learn Welsh language or to save the living Welsh language. 

           These  academic research reviews what is known about bilingualism and children learning new language to be educated through the medium of it in the lierature. The problem with top-down educational research is that there are so many variables affecting children's performance. Research into the cognition of language provides insight into the learning processes and  retention issues.
              There is nothing distinct about Welsh language viewed from a cognitive perceptive than any other 6000 languages in the world. It is a postage stamp of a language in Welsh, United Kingdom and will terms. There can and they will never be sufficient Welsh speakers to inform on Welsh language learning isssues.

          There is now an ever-increasing research base into the cognition of language and bilingualism. The discussion in the book illustrates that the vast majority of the population of United Kingdom do not understand the issues involved. The issue of bilingualism is very complex. The issue of bilingual education their children are learning a language which is not their native language is also very complex.

            The purpose of research is to explore the unknown. If the outcomes research are known and it would be no point in undertaking research. The fact that someone reads something does not necessarily mean they understand it. Howard will never compromise on his professional views and values.

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ccPolitical Dreams, Practical Realities. The Future  of the  Welsh Language and  

Welsh Language Learning Six Papers 3rd Edition 2017   by H.J.D.Gunn     

      It is very easy demands what needs to be done to save the living Welsh language.  What appears to lamentably lacking from the demands in the 'how'.  This book appears to be the first to researched book that consider the issue of learning Welsh and the survival of the living Welsh language.  


        Many Welsh and English speakers in Wales no appreciation how much time and how difficult it is to learn a new language, especially in language that is not all around them.  When children choose to learn Welsh so they can be educated does appear to be failure in Wales to understand learners five years before they can form natives speaker in a class. The choice of what language a  child should be educated medium should not be considered superficially deciding car.       


       There is evidence that many of the Welsh Governments Welsh language policies are not supported by scientific research. This book will reviewe the evidence.



Introduction   1


Part One  -   The Teaching and Learning of the Welsh Language                               Community Education 2012


Paper 1.1 - The Need for Change                                                    7


Paper 1. 2 - The Constraint on Curriculum Development               18


Paper .1.3 – Learners Applied Language Needs                              31


Paper 1.4 – Conclusions and Recommendations                          38


Part Two


Paper 2 - The Future of Welsh Learning and the Welsh Language   46                


Paper 2b - Epilogue                                                                           80


Paper 3 – Further Research and Reflections: December 2017         108    


Paper 4 - Further Research and Reflections: December 2018      126      


Paper 5   The Welsh Language First Policy.                              142


Paper 6 - A Lament for the Welsh Language -Final Overview      149


Key Points                                                                                       175


Reflections – Utopia Deferred                                                       181

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Is Welsh Medium Education for Children’s 21st Century Needs?

Five Papers (2020) H.J.D.Gunn B.Ed.M.Ed. 

             This book develops from the previous  research: Welsh language. It illustrates that all the issues pertaining to learning Welsh, bilingualism and the concept of bilingual education are very complex issues. The fact that someone reads a researched book not necessarily mean they understand it.

           This book illustrates that many of the popular notions that exist about language and bilingual are far more complex the public believe.  When the research is undertaken of the literature the outcomes will not be known, because if there are no there would be no point in hearing undertaking research. When relevance research has been establishing needs to be related to the separation pertaining to the Welsh language. The fundamental problem with Welsh language is it a minority language.
            This book reviews cognitive research that is more reliable than top-down educational research  because there are so many variables that affect children's attainment.   The notion that children have same educational potential is no longer sustainable.  Only conclusion in these papers are profound.  It raises concerns about the level of fluency that even native Welsh speaking children achieving. It also concludes it extremely difficult to justify native English-speaking children learning Welsh to be able to be educated through the medium of it. They go to school to be educated not to learn Welsh.


Paper 1 -  The Need for Change                                                                  


Paper 2 – Regression of the Mean                                                


Paper 3 -   Preparing Children to Live in a Bilingual Wales


Paper 4 – Summary and Reflection                                              


Paper 5 –  A Final Reflection. How Language Growth
and Retention Reflects Its Environment                                      

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       Following paper summarises the concise form. It is intended and will be submitted for publication in 2022. The future of the Welsh Language is in the hands of native Welsh language  speakers. 


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