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Dylan Wiliam 
A recognised world authority on education

Dylan Wiliams - The Classroom Experiment  Exp 1 -

This series features a Hertfordshire School

Dylan Wiliams - The Classroom Experiment  Exp 2
 -  ***  

It is extremely interesting. Video reviewed.

Dylan Wiliams - Norway Lecture

Dylan Williams - What Makes a Good Teacher

Dylan Wiliams  Leadership for TeacheTr Learning

Dylan Wiliams - Formative Assessment  

Dylan Wiliams - Why Teaching will Never be Researched Base

Dylan Wiliams - Curriculum

Working Memory

Sue Garthcole is in the Institute of the Brain Cambridge Univ.

Sue Garthcole - Working Memory Explained  

Sue Garthcole - Wor
king Memory Explained 2 -

Sue Garthcole - Working Memory Defict Lecture

Sue Garthcole - 2018 - Learnus Lecture 

Working Memory - Bristol University

Working Memory (Short Term) - Bristol University 

Working Memory (Distraction) - Bristol University 

Working Memory (Strategies) - Bristol University 

Alan Baddeley discovered working memory with Hitch

Alan Baddeley - Working Memory (He Discovered it with Hitch)   ***

Lisa Archibald - Working Memory and Learning

John Sweller  

ohn Sweller - Charge Cognitive Inutlile 

John Sweller -  A.C.E.  researchED./Melburne

John Sweller - Book - Summary

Pasi Shalberg - Germ that Kills Schools (Pisa)    *** 

Pasi Shalberg What would Happen is Finland Taught in Your School (Speaking in Havard). Vid **

Pasi Salberg

Pasi Shalberg - Germ that Kills Schools (Pisa) 

 Pasi Shalberg - What can be Learn from Findland   ***

Finland Good Points


Finnish Fairy Stories

Todd Rose

 Rose - The End of the Average

Todd - The Myth of Average- ***

Todd Rose - The Myth of Average - Google-

Andreas Schilecher - Pisa 2015- 


Creative Education
 - Vid

Sutton Trust - Uk and American Children's reading Behind Canada - 
- Not

Dyslexia - Is it hereditary - Dsylexia-au
- Vid  ***

Overcoming Dyslexia - Teddex
- vid
This is girl explaining  how she copes with dyslexia.

Let Talk - Language from Birth to 3 - Harvard   Vid ***

Genes and Education - Bristol University 

Saville-Troike -
Young Children's Language Learning - Vid 

Big Ideas in Nueroscinence - Langauge  - Vid

Neuroscience and Education  - Vid

Neuroscience of Language - Vid

How the Brain Learners to Read - Vid

How the Brain Changes - Nuero Plasticity- Vid