The problem with learning a new language that it is very difficult to teach effectively.and for learners to learn. It resembles learning maths. Professional Q.T.S. teachers are highly trained to teach maths. There is a notion that any  Tom, Dicks and Mary's believe because they can speak a language, they are able to tutor it.

Practice in the Welsh for Adult Service has been provided as a lifelong university service as opposed to a community service that it is. It has been based on the 1950s Skinner behaviourist Wlpan method where learners were required to memorise phrases like parrots. It is a brain-dead method for tutor and learner.

       The book is written for all languages, but examples will be in Welsh. Many Welsh grammar books promise that learners can learn the contents in six months. The challenge for learners in learning a new language is taking a proportion of a learner's dictionary and grammar book into the head and reproducing it fluently. It takes years to effectively learn a new language.

           One the greatest difficulties in learning languages in United Kingdom is that they are minority languages. French and German are minority languages in the United Kingdom. Welsh and Gaelic are also minority heritage language. Their will be a problem creating fluency and retaining it in them when the language is not all around learners.

           When learners stop formally learning their language their capability will either improve or it will degrade. It will not remain the same. The important issue in education is becoming the issue of learning retention.  

rutrum eget.