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     Crer, which is a charity in Scotland dedicated to extinguishing racism in Scotland, states the following about xenophobic prejudices:-

“So, although there are stereotypes about white minority ethnic groups in Scotland and these groups can face prejudice and discrimination, we would describe this as xenophobic prejudice rather than racism. CRER includes tackling inequality faced by white minority ethnic groups within our work where there is evidence to show they face a disadvantage, but our focus is primarily on tackling racism.”

It must be accepted that Welsh speakers in Wales are a minority ethnic group. The fact that they are an ethnic minority group does not entitle them to accuse anyone who says something they disagree with or upset them are engaging in xenophobic prejudice.


    This following incident that was reported in Media Wales has important implications for the future of Wales because it referred to xenaphobic prejudice against the English :-


 “A councillor who posed with a gun and posted an 'anti-English' message on his social media page has handed over the weapon and is being dealt with through a "restorative justice" approach, police have confirmed. Jon Scriven, the Plaid Cymru Councillor representing Penyrheol in Caerphilly, shared a Facebook post which saw him appearing to pose with a rifle. 

and that:-

“The now-deleted picture appeared on Councillor Jon Scriven’s Facebook page on August 8 captioned that he was making sure “there wasn’t any English people trying to cross the channel”. The post read: “Ogmore-by-Sea tonight for a quick swim and make sure there wasn’t any English people trying to cross the channel”.

It appears to be a ‘humorous’ stunt that went wrong, but the councillor was applying xenophobic prejudice.


       The following statement is commendable :-

“Labour MS Hefin Davies, who shared the initial post, also added: "At a time when our society is facing huge challenges, it's incredibly concerning to see this from a Caerphilly Plaid councillor. We should be seeking to unite people and address real concerns like the cost of living, not posting disturbing images that are calculated to divide us."

It appears reasonable to suggest that the majority of English and Welsh speakers in Wales are only interested in pursuing their everyday lives. Whilst there are English speakers who are prejudiced against speakers of the Welsh Language, there is clear evidence that are a very small minority of Welsh speakers who are prejudiced against English speakers.

     There has several incidents of the police suppressing free speech in 


    This a clear evidence of xenaphobic prejudice stated by Welsh speaker in the Denbigh Free Press in xx (2015):-

“ Ioan Talfryn, chief executive of Popeth Cymraeg, said: “Because of my position running Popeth Cymraeg, teaching Welsh to adults, I do a lot of international work and what is crystal clear internationally is that monolinguals tend to be looked upon somewhat with pity. If you can speak many languages including English then being able to speak only English is considered no achievement at all.”

This clearly stated all talented English speakers in Wales and the United Kingdom had done very little in comparison with bilingual speakers. This includes Professor Michael Eysenck a brilliant cognitive scientist who admits in his book that he cannot speak French to natives.


       There has been evidence of podcasts in the medium where Welsh speakers been claiming that the English are too lazy and apathetic to learn Welsh. It is extremely easy for people to demand what other people should do. The learning potential of all people is not equal. There are certain people to be virtually impossible to learn Welsh. It takes around six years of learning part-time to reach A Level Standard. This is a prejudice.


         This is partly attributable to commercial websites making out languages are easy to learn. Deulingo was aggressively advertising that Welsh language was the fastest growing language in Europe because English speakers are using their website. This was skilful marketing. It appears to be a prejudice.

      There are Welsh language activists like Aran Jones with his S.S.I.W. Welsh population, how easy it is to learn Welsh. He has been giving reckless learning advice.

    The word prejudice means a “preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.” Preconceived means “(of an idea or opinion) formed before having the evidence for its truth or usefulness”.

It is reasonable to suggest that however unreasonable certain English speakers behaved towards speakers, stereotyping, assuming that any English speaker that says something that Welsh speakers disagree with or upsets them is is xenophobic prejudice against native.

      If the word prejudice is referred to in an educational context, those who do not possess legal teaching qualifications can only express their unqualified personal opinions and prejudices on learning, educational issues. Even teachers with legal teaching qualifications will be offering their qualified personal opinions and prejudices if they cannot substantiate them.

      If someone said that the Welsh Language is a scattered and defragment language it is likely to cause offence, for instance, but it is a technical term that reflects the fact that there is not a standard of the Welsh that theoretically exists in the English Language. The distinct dialects that exists could be described as bordering on second languages.


    Xx () refers to Welsh as being nightmare language to learn. I am confident that this would upset Welsh speakers, but the person who made the criticism is a linguist, who has reviewed around twenty languages. Colin Miles (2012) in Welsh Institute of Affairs Paper claimed it was virtually impossible for an adult to learn proper Welsh. These claims cannot be described as prejudice.  

    A prejudice is something that cannot be proven. Xxx () always a linguist to refuse a whole range of languages across the world the first of Welsh nightmare of a language to learn because there are so many rules. Generations of learners have hated the Welsh mutations. These observations cannot be viewed a prejudice unless it cannot be proven.

    There is the important issue about children’s education. Research on working memory explicitly illustrates that children will always learn more effectively in their most fluent language. Research also indicated the learning potential of children is not equal.


      The Welsh Language is campaigning for all children to be educated through the medium of Welsh by 2050. Their children are be educated through their native language Welsh, but they are demanding that native English speaking children should not be taught through the medium of Welsh.