Aran Jones the Quack - 2023 -

    Aran Jones is a quack who is deliberately deceiving his celebrities into believing his sham methods are wonderful.  He is a former council environmental officer. He is applying the appalling Wlpan method that he experienced learning as an adult.

     There does appear to a sentiment in the Welsh for Adult service that have created miracle methods of language learning. 

      The reason why Aran Jones is referring to celebrities approving his methods is because he has no legal teaching qualifications. We all accept services in good faith because we do not have the expertise to evaluate them. He knows that the celebrities are not qualified to inform on his sham methods.

        All Aran Jones is expects learners to do is to give him money so they can memorise the arbitrary phrases that offers them in cyberspace. He is not teaching them anything.  His claims about natural learning is absolute trash.

       Aran Jones cannot offer any Q.T.S. teaching qualification or any testimonial from a legally qualified registered teacher. He has a relationship with the National Welsh Learning College. They are required to apply proven methods.  Wlpan is a proven method. It is proven to be an appalling method. It is a brain dead animal training method for teacher and learner. Adults are intelligent beings.

    This is one of the stupid statements made in his Kindle Book:-

"Studies have shown that a month after learning new Studies have shown that a month after learning new words, learners who do NO revision at all actually start to use those words more like first language speakers."

This absolute nonsense.

     Aran Jones is claiming he want his methods advertised in all Welsh for Adult Centres and schools. The only place he is qualified at being a teacher and researcher is in a Wendy House.

      Teaching is legal process. Aran Jones does not have a clue how to legally defend his appalling methods and Howard's allegation his methods are fraudulent. He is a pathological liar. He lied to the population of Manx that he learnt Manx from scratch in a day to basic conversational level. Thr full evidence is on the following web pages.

.     Aran Jones is a Welsh Language Activists who has made malicious ulawful harassment allegations to the police against Howard for professionally criticising his fraudulent methods. He appears to be under the delusion he is an expert teacher. He has even claimed to a discovered a way to force the brain to memorise using his method. He also appears to be under the delusion he is a cognitive scientist. There is no reference he know what it is in the literature.

       Aran Jones is a 21st Century quack. He is selling Peckham tap water, which is very polluted, as Spring Water. He does not appear to even know what the word honesty means l.

Professor Aran Jones the Quack.pdf
This is evidence of Aran Jones ridiculous claims. He clearly believes he is a world authority on teaching.
ARAN JONES + National Welsh Language College.pdf

     The enclosed is legal paper that proves Aran Jones methods are trash.  His Kindle Book is delusional. Please read the pdf copies of the enclosed. The includes then predicatable misrepesentation, lie that using his metod enable learners to speak Welsh confidently to anyone they meet.

           It appears reasonable to suggest the National Welsh Language College should be warning learners not to pay for Aran Jones delusional methods.

        Teaching is a legal process. Proven methods must be practiced in the Welsh for Adult Service. The following is a legal paper. Aran Jones does not even to know how to answer it. The National Welsh Language Learning College is invited to present a legal paper to defend the criticism.


       The following is paper from what is now Professor Sarah Eaton. She is professor of education. She has been in   a Canadian language research centre. In common with Howard she learn a language at a older age. 

      When learners learn languages like Frenchnd Spanish that is are majority languages they will be taught a huge range of different tutors across the world. Their course are not monopoly courses like Welsh where the course provider only know how well Welsh Learners are really achieving. Aran Jones amdit his learners do not persevere using his methods.


    Aran Jones has a more than a lamentable lack of understaning of the most elementary elements of teaching. He just dreams things up.  He too silly to work out their a leading second language authorities across the world. Environmental council officers are not going to create miracle methods of learning anything.


        Aran Jones even admitted in the following 'marketing stunt' that learners using his S.S.I.W. Website are not retained.

What it’s like to give a Welsh language class to 7 million people

"It’s certainly made a difference to Jeremy Vine – we’ve got to know each other a bit (as much as you can in the hectic environment of London media), he’s thought about Wales and the language in more detail than he might have done previously, and he’s got a bunch of new Welsh synapses that will never entirely disappear.

"It’s had a clear impact for a couple of days – we’ve seen far more people sign up for our courses – which will all tail off pretty rapidly."

The reference to synapses is garbage. The quack uses terms he does not understand to impress.