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         Howard is amongst the most highly qualified educationalists in Wales. The Welsh Goverment has been indepedently advised to recruit more teachers with teaching masterate. He has had one since 1990. He  researched the literature in his full retirement out of professional interest.

      Howard has an interest in desiminating what he knows to respected professional teaching insitutions and associations.  He does not offer his expertise to those he has not respect for, those who do not have the expertise to understand what he know and to offer somethig back.


     Q.T.S. teachers are leading authorities on teaching in the United Kingdom, but education is such a deep science that there are no experts in education. Professional teachers are trained in school of education in Wales, where the coporate teaching intelligence exists, not schools of Welsh. There are Professors of Education.       

           Howard had the experience of improving his Welsh as Adult. Second Language  do not appear to be understood by many people including qualified teachers. He had a fasinating  insight of learning Welsh as Adult. Most higher order learning develops from the skills we possess. It rare for teacher to a learn a basic skill. 

        Howards views the issue of a second language as resembling what is the heart of school learning.  His has research cognition in his retirment and his perspective on education is unique. He is retired and he is not interest in remuneration for what he has to offer interested parties.

      Howard has written a range of private published books in his retirement that he hoping to put in the public domain over the next two years.  Those who write researched then to be he authorities in their fields, becasue they research the literature and they make connections. 


       Howard can claim to be the leading authority on the process of learning Welsh, bilingualism and bilingual education. The highest teaching authorities are Q.T.S. teacher trainers. Colin Baker is world authority on bilingual education, but he does possess  Howard cross-curricula educational perspective. 

      He has written a researched book in how to teach and learn second language that he potential to become a course book for Q.T.S. and other second language tutors. It needs updating. 

        Howard has also written a book for second language learners. He is not interested in publishing it currently  because the Welsh Language learning s too political in Wales.

       Howard principal interest currently is his researched book on Welsh Medium Education. He currently working updating one of his researched books.