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       Aran Jones Is deliberately trying to brainwash people into believing that there medical ways of learning a language. He's probably now withdrawn enclosed YouTube video these photographs were taken from because it must be an embarrassment for him.

        It's ridiculous nonsense to suggest that putting pressure on the brain improves learning. It will actually retard it. He promises learners you can turn them into genuine conversational Welsh because within six months. Genuine is defined as “Possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin”  

          The claim that learners will not be fluent, but learners never do. The claim that will look fluent is a ridiculous claim. Gareth King who is a leading authority on the Welsh Language many native Welsh speakers do not view themselves as being fluent.

       The is also copy of the grossley offensive letter sent to Howard.


The Caption below is not Very Clear

Source Dr Margaret Newcombe Cardiff School of Welsh

      The struggle is only half over when the language has been mastered in class. Speaking skills must then be transferred to the community. If learners have use Welsh only in class and have no practised with first language speakers, they will struggle to speak Welsh outside the safety of the classroom when the course ends. It's best to start using wells from day one

Aran Jones must know this, he refers to in it in "Some Sex and Hills" book but never has the openness and honesty to declare it.

This review of his delusional Learning Advice