S.S.I.W Some Sex and Hills

     Aran Jones admit that he is a Welsh Language Activist and he is a member of the Welsh Language Society. His conduct is political. What he refers to his astonishing  book illustrates that he deliberaately decieving learners.

     Aran Jones clearly admits he has not teaching qualficiations. Quacks will not invented miracle methods of learning.

    The introduction to his "Some Sex and Hills" Book is not commensurate with a person recieving patronage from respected celebrities.

The following provides Aran C.V. He may have taught English abroad, but he has not legal teaching qualificaitons and never claimed to have tutors anyone Welsh. He has no face to face interaction with learners.

The Review appears to be an honest appraisal

The enclosed is the story given on the Welsh International President Website.

It as huge admission. If he cannot learn language in countries they live in.

How the hell can he expected them to learn them from his website across the world.

 Aran Jones is promising learners that they can learn Welsh to a conversational level in six months but he could not suceed in learning  Arabic over three years living in the country.

 Aran Jones is obsessed with binge learning. He is admitting it does not work.

 Aran Jones is admitting learners will not necessarily retain the Welsh they learn.

 Aran Jones is a hypocrite. He is claiming that learners can learn Welsh in Wales and across the world, but he is inviting learners to find a Welsh speaking friend to help them learn it. Where are these potential Welsh speaking friends across the world are?

Are all people in Wales and across the world going to move to the Welsh Speaking areas?

Aran Jones is admitting that it is impossible for Welsh speakers not to be able to converse ni English..

This claim is absolute fantasy.

Aran Jones is admitting langauges need to be lived through.

This illustrates that Aran Jones is a political activist.