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The Professional Status of Q.T.S. Teachers

     The University of Reading Report on the professional status of teachers   

         "Despite teaching remaining the first choice profession for university graduates and public opinion positioning teachers second only to doctors and nurses in terms of their professional status and prestige (Institute for Public Policy Research, 2001), research in the UK suggests teachers still believe they have much lower status than other professions. Large scale research by the General Teaching Council (UK) in 2002 found that 65% of the 70,000 teachers surveyed believed that the public, media and government had little respect for the teaching profession, with more recent research by Hargreaves et al (2006) finds much the same The Professional Status of Teach"

In Wales there is Welsh Government aspiration is to promote world class school teaching standards. Unless teachers are respected high calibre teachers will not be recruited.


         Pasi Shalsberg Finish Educationalist referred to his niece crying her eyes out because she failed to obtain a place on teacher training course in Findland. Professor Dylan Wiliam refers in his book of school leavers chosing to go into medicine in Ireland after being refused entry to teacher training programs. Wales is struggling to recruit high callibre teachers.

 This is not really surprising when they professional status is being undermined by the fact that it appears Welsh for Adult tutors only need to speak Welsh to have an outstanding inspection outcomes in Estyn inspections when they are practicing in school domains.

Research now illustrates the teachers have around only 7% to 20% in children's attainment. They are too often having bad press for not achieving the impossible. Nicola Strugeon wants a huge cohort of teachers to learn Gaelic so they can teach it. How it can be achieved is a complete mystery.

The Welsh Donaldson Curriculum

      The Pisa virus effects educational ministers every three years after they are castigated for their countries not be top of the world rankings. Countries are ranked to a thousands of a degree. If Pisa points were applied to summative assessments then there would be public unproar if a child was ranked high if a child had a higher rank wit 492 marks than a child with 490.
     Children's education can be viewed as like a train traveling from London to Inverness in Scotland. It travels at a snails pace and takes just over ten years for children to reach the Piss terminus. Radially ge timetable bacuse a train is running late in Inverness may necessarily mean the future trains will be running late 


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