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Cambridge Institute of the Brain Announcement

  The Cambridge Institute of the Brain is sponsored by the Health Service and it investigates children's learning difficulties. it holds children's clinics. The most recent research findings that working memory capacity and intelligence is attributable to more efficient brain functioning, which has been announced in the media, has massive repercussions for education.  There are no 'magic bullet' to resolve children who experience established learning difficulties, they have low learning potential.

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oward New 2020 Book

      Howard has written a second language learners, including Welsh language learners, which should be available in April 2020. It is a book that intends to be an improvement on Hurd and Murphy's 2006 success with languages.

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Developing a  New Curriculum

       Research illustrated that the National curriculum was overloaded. Whilst it is accept that change has been necessary the problem with change is that it can promise improvements that may not necessarily be delivered. High expectations were associated with the National Curriculum.

     There are risks in revolutions as opposed to evolution, because they are more open ending.  There is a risk that the autonomy that have been devolved to schools to create their own curriculums  can become a 'public relation window dressing exercises'

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Social Mobility

         The dream of equality of opportunity is a wonderful dream, but it cannot be viewed as enabling all children to reach the same standard. The two are not the same. The issue of social deprevation and children's attainment is much more complicated that it is on the surface.

          The genetics of all of us is created through blended cocktails of thousands of genes created from the genes of two persons.  Two highly intelligent parents may not necessarily create intelligent children genetically. Research from the Institute of the Brain Cambridge University has contended that working memory, which is fixed, is the reliable predictor of children's attainment. Research also indicates that working memory and intelligence is related to more efficient brains.

     Social deprivation can be viewed like a vicious circle. Not all social deprived children have low learning potential and afluent parents can have children will low learning potential. It must be accepted that the educational potential is not equal and learning will also be more difficult for some children than others. Their best is not necessarily their friends best. 


The aim of education must be to enable all children achievements to be valued in society, however limited, and for them to be given the opportunity to reach their full learning potential.

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Is Pisa Past it's Sell-by-date?

      Howard has written a privately published book on Pisa which is available in pdf form on this website. There is increasing criticism of Pisa, but there is evidence that is continuing to create a 'doom and gloom' view of the western schools educational attainment. 

      The fundamental problem is that most people do not understand Pisa ranking and scoring systems. Most people were ignorant of what lies behind the 'halo' of what has been practiced by high ranking Pisa countries in the East, which the B.B.C. School Swap: South Korean Style" exposed. 

         The conclusions reached in Howard's book and are referred to on this website suggests the Pisa scoring is very volatile and that there is little intrinsic value in the Pisa assessments.

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Welsh Medium Education

      All issues pertaining to the Welsh language are very emotional issues in Wales, but issue of Welsh Medium Education is an educational one.  Wales is more than a language it is a people. Children are facing a very uncertain future their education is too important to be left to political rhetoric, hope, optimism and guesswork. 
         Welsh Medium Education, especially the  issue of children learning Welsh to be educated through it,  has never been research, and all issues of Welsh language and learning will be dictated by science. Top down evaluation of the standards of education are unreliable, bottom up research into language cognition, including bilingualism is providing a clear indication of the issues.

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Video Reviews

           These three Ytube Video reviews provide a fascinating insight into learning issues. The first is Sue Gathercole, who is Cambridge University of the Brain, which specialises on children's with learning difficulties, "Learn" lecture.  The second videoe refer to Plomin's theories on genetics and education, and the their is Neil Thomas, neuroscientist who reviews x the relevance of cognitive and neuro-science to education. The key points of the videos are notated.

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