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"Save of Children  from Political Interference" is dedicated to policing openness and honesty on educational issues. It also advises and campaigns on educational issues.

      What is often not understood by the public is that professional teaching has a technical language. Many unqualified people, who play at being teachers, or chose to comment on educational issues will be reading words on a paper. The media and politician can also misunderstand educational issues also.

       The problem with international school Pisa rankings is that political wars arise because countries scores are a couple of thousandth of difference from their previous scores.

     Sadly in Wales Welsh language issues tend to be very emotional, political issues, but the issue pertaining to Welsh medium education are very deep. Children's education is too important to be left to hope, optimisms and guesswork. 

       Children's education cannot be unquestionably sacrificed to save the living Welsh language. In common with Covid-19 the issues must be debated by professional educators not "Tom, Dicks and Mary's" on the streets of Wales. Reasoned research arguments are welcomed and will be published on this website.

       There has also been people making false claims. A report was written by a registered charity where the authors referred  to a report from Harvard University, but they did not understand what they read. They offered a head line grabbing report that misinformed the public. also fight public causes that are in children's interest. The are no simple answers to complex education issues which is what is interesting about it. One of the most challenging problems that confronts schools is the challenge of differentiation.

     Howard runs the website. He remains a member of his professional association the NAS/UWT. He is retired. He is offering independent advice. There are a range of institutions that tacitly support the existence, but they do not have control of advice. He is retired and be is not accountable to school governors.

       An attack has been made on the integrity of, where solicitors were instructed to attack a citing on the website, but the business solicitors who challenged Howard could not substantiate their claim. There was another attack that cannot be referred to because it is sub-judice. 

       Most citing are never placed on this website. If people do not want to be cited, then they should ensure then engage in open and honest practice, and they should not make misrepresentations in the public domain.

      Many people are ignorant of the fact that those qualified teachers with advanced educational qualifications are very similar to solicitors, they have been trained to promote best practice and to defend criticism. At the very height of educational expertise are high grade argument and area of uncertainty, but there is a vast amount of established proven practice also.

       The notion that unqualified Welsh language tutors are going to create miracle methods of language learning is not going to happen.

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