S.S.I.W Patronage

Howard has video the evidence from  S.S.I.W. Website.

        The Welsh for Adult Service is inspected by Estyn, and Welsh Learners are able to take independently legally accredited assessments. If Aran Jones were practising the Welsh for Adult Service, he would be struck off for dishonesty and incompetence, they would be in breach of contract with their learners (Ruling Howard Gunn). Aran Jones S.S.I.W. application to give accredited assessments was rejected by Estyn.

    We all accept services in good faith because we do not have the expertise to evaluate them. None of these celebrities has any teaching qualifications. All Aran Jones is doing is deceiving them to promote the status of his website. He refers his methods as being unique so he can promise anything he likes.

            What Aran Jones is implying is using the word 'unique', which means  "being the only one of its kind" that he knows more about language that  leading authorities like Keith Field, Norbet Palcher and Saville-Troike, and leading university tutoring authorities like Coleman and Klapper. He appears to believe he is leading world authority on  languages, despite him never having any training. 

       Aran Jones has no legal teaching qualifications. He has not got  clue how to teach. He has not got a clue how to teach. He wants to improve language education nationally and globally. He appears to believe he has divine powers. 

      This is evidence of Aran Jones marketing. He skilfully refers to creating confident Welsh speakers and by implication he implying his honest celebrities have achieved it. The claim could mean anything. No one in the world will absolutely succeed in learning anything.

       This is simply Newspeak. Aran Jones is once again lying how easy Welsh is to learn. Dr Margaret Newcombe Cardiff School of Welsh refers to how difficult it is for Welsh Learners to use Welsh in the community. She also claims that many Welsh speakers insist on speakign Welsh Learners. This is the 'evil' gospel he has been preaching for years decieving learners for his politicial and money making interests.

         It is unclear if the claims are genunine. A formal complaints have been made to the Welsh Goverment about the claims. The reference to giving access to Aran Jones childish "AutoMagic" course refers to him having access the huge market of learners so he can sell his website service to. 

        Schools are province of Q.T.S. teachers.  I am unclear why the Welsh Governemnt are runing trials, because Aran Jones is quack, he is playing being a teacher and researcher,  he not qualified to inform on chilren's need or anyone in the National Welsh Language Learning College, who does not possess Q.T..S. teaching status. 

       We all accept products and services in good faith because we do not possess the expertise to evaluate them. If Aran Jones was baker, he could offer his celebrities wonderfully tasting cakes, but educational research is a legal process. It is like a recipe. The recipe Aran Jones it is toxic.


         This what Gunn (2023) states in his about to be published book.

         The time appears long overdue in Wales for English Speaking learners to be informed of the standards and practices they are entitled to recieve. The book has been written by highly qualified educationalist, who view his improving of Welsh from a professional learning perspective and quacks like Aran Jones are never going to learn Welsh easily and will never reach the standards of attainment he claims.

    Professor Gathercole, who is cognitive scientist (she recently retired), who in Cambridge Univeristy of the Brain that researches children with learning dificulties modest contended that teachers knew more about teaching and learning that her. 

       Howard can because he written researched books and he understands cognition he is the leading teaching authority of the process of Welsh Language Learning, bilingualism, and Welsh medium education. Q.T.S. teacher trainers are leading authority the process of learning Welsh, not Aran Jones.