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Aran Jones Newspeak

       Aran Jones is Chief Executive of S.S.I.W., despite his having not board, promised in his book on "Some Sex and Hill" in 2006 that he would be writing a book to explain how he created his 'SaysomehthinWelsh' course that will be titled a "Lunatics Guide to Building Langauge Course". 

        Lunacy is defined by the Collins dictionary as  "A person whose actions and manner are marked by extreme eccentricity or recklessness"  Exentricity is defined as "AN oddity or peculiarity, as of conduct".

This will be a professional view of the S.S.I.W. method makes very interesting reading .

2. This a Review of his Kindle Book


      This claim is delusional.  If this were the case it would be beneficial for anyone taking an examination to learn it weeks before and then do nothing.

    Aran Jones appear to be ignorant of the fact that word learning is researched by thousands of cognitive scientists across the world. It is the first thing that a student on a cogntive science degree course will be likely to research. Aran Jones appear one of the only person on planet Earth who belives this.

3. The following is  in Petty (2010) which is standard text book for students training to be teachers.

      This illustrates that Aran's claims are delusional. The brain is very plastic. The old adage that unless you use something you loose it is now proven by cognitive scientists.

       Words are difficult to  learn because they referred patterns of sound and letters. They need intense distributed practice. 50% of words (facts) are lost within a hour of learning them.

What Aran claims is cognitively impossible.

Aran admits revising Welsh every night in a pub when he was learning Welsh as Adult in his 'Some sex' book.

What Aran Jones is doing is deliberately castigated proven methods to support the superiority  of his methods. Lies appears to be the most appropriate word to use.

4. Manx in Day Stunt

This evidence of Aran Jones is propergander. The was podcast featuring the conversation.

The only problem is what he claimed was cognitively impossible.

Many learners attend Welsh Language classes for two hours and week. Learners were applying the appalling Wlpan methods that  he was using in the Welsh for Adult service were they were attending lessons for around three lesson a week. In 'Some Sex' book he refers his attending them to learn Welsh as adult.

5. This is what Hieni Gruffudd said about learning Welsh.


      Unlike Aran Jones Dr Margaret Newcombe Cardiff School of Welsh was in institution where Welsh is tutored and inspected by Estyn the inspectorate and many academics who tutor Welsh contribute too it.


        Aran Jones claim to be Chief Executive of S.S.I.W. but he has no executive board and he is not accountable to anyone.

6. This Jeremy Vine Welsh Lessons was another publicity stunt.

What is extremely significant is the reference to drilling of phrases. Aran Jones is apply his version of the Welsh for academic Wlpan method. Below in are the phrases that he wants learners to drill.

Aran YouTube presentation with his son illustrate the phrases he expects learners to drill. They are just random phrases.

      All Aran Jones is presentimv is the Wlpan phrases in different form. He is practicising the Wlpan method.

        If his Manx in the Day Stunt is considered, then learners who undertake an intensive Wlpan course in universities with a tutor, who would be able to assist learners with their pronunciation in their lessons, for understand they attend three mornings a week, they should attain the same basic conversational level as Aran Jones claimed he achieved in Manx. They would have additional time to practice of over the week even for ten minutes. 

         It also means that learners taking a two hour weekly lessons should reach the standard in a months. As somone who started in a second year of course, I can say with confidence the claim is complete nonsense. On the reasons the National Curriculum was introduced in 1987 was that it was found that the behaviourist methods the University academics and Aran Jones failed to create applied language capability. Rote learning is a community service of learning anything. I does create miracle rates of progress. 

7. Aran Jones "More Sex and Hills"

8. Aran Jones  - Wales New International President 2019

         Aran Jones refers to his graduating that implies he had a degree abroad, but he obtained an English Literature degree. His skilfully refers to 60,000 taken part. He is not claiming they have learnt anything.

He is critising the traditional Wlpan methods applied in universities. (It was abadoned in 2018). He then claims it would take you months.


This claim is hypercritical. Aran Jones claims that an Australian was to learn Spanish from scratch to a level in a day where he could have a basic conversation with his Spanish speaking friend in Mexico through just receiving his cyberspace phrases, but he could not learn the language of the countries he has lived in.

The claim is absolute fantasy. There only around 3 million people in Wales.

 9. This Aran Jones Dream

         There 1.35 billion people who speak English in the world, and 360 million people speak English as their first language. I analysed this carefully, Aran Jones is clearly claiming he wants people across the world to learn to speak Welsh so they can communicate in that language with each other. 

         There is the issue of why people across the world will want to speak Welsh on the streets. Sadly anyone who walks the streets of the cities of Wales will not find many people speaking Welsh on the streets.


        This what he said in his "Some Sex and Hills" book.

This what a reviews said about his book:-

1. The following is Aran Jones taking about teaching Carol Vordaman.

What he claiming is

He says something in English.

She says the same something in Welsh.

He then says the smae something Welsh.

The one thing he is honest about it is "Cut out the Complicate Stuff Method".


2. The following is one of  Aran Jones Forums