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       The Cockroft Report into Maths education 1982 took five  years to research and compile in one of the most researched subjects in the curriculum. Professor Sioned Davies recommendation will have a huge potential impact on children's education and the research to support her recommendations is absolutely feeble.

        The evidence is that Professor Sioned Davies, who is a  Welsh Language academics and her team  were only interested in demanding that all children should become as fluent Welsh speakers as those attending Welsh medium schools. They had no understanding children's needs. 

      The enclosed is provides some of the basic documentary evidence.

Mark Drakeford says making all schools Welsh-medium would alienate people (Click)

        The Welsh Langauage Society is a direct action pressure who have a  small cohort of language activists who bully and harass anyone who says anything about the Welsh Language they disagree with. They refer to them as being anti-Welsh Language or English.  The sub-title of article is "Language Campaigners hit out at first minister." He is a Welsh speaker. 

       It is strange that Mark Drakeford changed his opinions. It appears he has been extremely badly advised. He could not have forseen that Professor Sioned Davies Donaldson recommendations were conceived and ill-thought out and prejudiced. All the Welsh Language activists are interested is children learning Welsh. Nothing esle.

Click for  Mark Drakeford+ Appraisal

We're told we're anti-Welsh bigots and fascists - the Storm over Welsh First Schooling - Guardian.

This refers to the depraved dispute about closing then Welsh medium section of Llangenneth Primary School. The parents at the heart of the dispute were Welsh speakers. Professor McChriost stated that minority languages cannot be resurrected and children will always prefer to use their mother tongue.

Welsh Government is ‘robbing children of the chance to speak Welsh

       This Professor Sioned Davies, Proffessor of the Welsh, referring to the implementing her past thier sell-by date proposals. More detail evaluation follows later.

The Welsh Language belongs to everyone – let’s make bilingualism the norm..

     This Heddled Fychan Plaid Cymru Proclamation. She and Plaid Cymru clear want all children to becom confident Welsh speakers and for all schools to become Welsh medium and this will meanEnglish medium Q.T.S. teachers to be made redun

Nigel Owens weighs in on Eisteddfod rapper Welsh language controversy as he says he's 'really disappointed' by reaction

     Nigel Owens is a very respect retired world class refers to people choosing to go to Welsh medium school to save the living Welsh Language. This is a very alarming. Parents should be considering what is in their children eduational interests.

Census (201) Crucial Challeng Sats Carwyn Jones 

       Carwyn James, who is a Welsh Speaker, admitted that his boys were speaking English at home, and they were attending Welsh Medium schools. The native language of speakers in not necessarily speakers most fluent language. it appears that Carwyn Jones boys most fluent language is, was English.

Tim Williams argues that teaching through the medium of Welsh in English-medium schools damages education

         This paper indicates that Professor Sioned Davies made her recommendations in 2013 when she completed her Welsh foir Adult research where she approved appalling 1950s Skinnerist behaviourist learning methods. She clear has not got a clue how learners learn Welsh and how they should be taught. Q.T.S. teacher would be struck off for practising it.
      Tim was living in Australia. He claims to posses a degree of Welsh Language fluency. In common with Howard he is a legally qualified teacher and knows how difficult it to learn a new language from personal experience.

Profesor John Sweller - English a Second Language (Click) 

 This paper explains why adults cannot learn languages like young children. Thier oral language is acquired naturally. It is a biological primary skill. The distinction between biologically primary and secondary learning is fundamental to all learning. He contends that older children and adults cannot learn a new language naturally and that learning new language and a subject content retards the learning of both.

       Even if this is questioned, the general concept of fluent knowledge applies and the reading fluency levels are relevant. These issue are in the cognitive domain. 

Sarah Eaton - 10,000 hours to Learn a New Language (Paper)

    This paper explains how long it takes to learn a new language and what is involved in learning it. It is not an exact figure, but it illustrates the scale of the task. The 10,000 of hours to develop mastery is accepted by cognitive scientists.

        The reference to Archibold has been disprove through cognitive science.

Shah -  Linguistic Attitude and the Failure of Irish Language Revival Efforts

   This paper argues that the burden of the revival of the Irish Language is on the educational systemn and that it ignores the issue of the usage in the home and the community. This is what is happening in Wales.

       The Welsh Language Society has very prejudices, over simplistic view of langauge surival. All they appear interested in is political window dressing.

Welsh Government is ‘robbing children of the chance to speak Welsh’

         This is the Welsh Language Society and Professor Sioned Davies serruptitously demanding that all children in Wales must learn through the medium of Welsh. They do not have a clue of what they are demanding. 

       Professor Sioned Davies is  a professor of Welsh. Her teaching status is Tom, Dick and Mary.

The Welsh Language belongs to everyone – let’s make bilingualism the norm...

    The author of this article appears alarmingly misinformed and or extremely badly advised about the issue. What is lamentably lacking from it is the how. The notion that all children will become functional bilinguals is delusional.
    Children cannot learn languages in school. They have to be lived through/ The notion that all children are going to become bilingual appears to a disconnect from reality.  The tipping point of living language is 67%. This is the environment needed to keep a language fluent and for learners to easily learn through it.  There only 12% of established Welsh Speakers in Wales.

       It appears appropriate to argue that less attention should be given to teaching Welsh in English medium to school to make higher standards of children's literarcy and subject attainment the norm.

Plaid Cymru's Leanne Woods Angry She Cannot Speak Welsh

        Leanne was her party leader. She had to make speeches in Welsh and speak Welsh to people, but she admits that there were times when her colleaugs had to speak English to her. Anyone who visits Cardiff, Newport or Swansea will struggle to encounter people speaking Welsh. This the reality.  

S4C boss allegedly abused Wales rugby legend Mike Phillips

         Mike Phillips is a native fluent Welsh speaker. The brutal reality as Grosjean a psycholinguist sates  that language fluency reflect usage. He referred to moving from England to France where the balance of his biligualism changed. 

     If the quality of Mike Phillips Welsh is faded, then what hope have Q.T.S. teachers living English speaking families learn and develop and retain that to level to enable them to teach. 

Click This B.B.C. Article Explains his Background

We're told we're anti-Welsh bigots and fascists - the Storm over Welsh First Schooling - Guardian.

This refers to the depraved dispute about closing then Welsh medium section of Llangenneth Primary School. The parents at the heart of the dispute were Welsh speakers. Professor McChriost stated that minority languages cannot be resurrected and children will always prefer to use their mother tongue.

Tim Williams - When teaching Welsh is Futile Affairs - Welsh Institute of Affairs

        This refers paper raises concerns about Welsh medium education. He is a Welsh Speaker who presents a professional response to Professor Sioned Davies report. How can children learn significantly better if they learn a new language to be educated through the medium of it. There is no evidence to support the proposal.

    Thousands of hours need to devoted to developing even basic level of new language fluency. 

Teaching is not good enough in Welsh schools, says report

   This report by Estyn raises a serious concerns about children grammar.


      If children's in English medium schools are grammar is poor, then then how the hell can they  improve if they are taught through the medium of Welsh. Theywill not use English as much as it used in English medium schools or accross the curriculum. 

       There is the issue of why the Welsh is demanding English speakers must learn Welsh to obtain employment opportunity instead of improving their English to make themselves more employable. 

SUTTON TRUST -Selective  Comprehensive  : Wales Access to top performing schools for disadvantaged Children

This paper is alarming. It is illustrates that bilingual education is not generally understood. The N.F.E.R. reference to top performing Welsh medium education is innocent misrepresentation.

Elitism over Welsh speakers, says MP 

       Alan Cairns M P. referred to a lot of Welsh speaking Welsh Medium Education not viewing themselves are fluent Welsh speakers. He refers to fluent Welsh speakers looking down on them. There is no evidence anyone want to turn them into fluent Welsh speakers.
Newyddion gwych maths predicts that welsh language is set to thrive

       New Scientist - Hywl Jones who was a statistian with the Welsh Language Board claims that it is impossible to create million Welsh speakers and that Wales will struggle to retain the current level of Welsh speaking. One only has to walk the cities of Wales to establish it difficult to hear Welsh on them/

Hywel Jones - Welsh language data deemed misleading by statistician

      Hywel Jones explains that the claim that there 27% Welsh speakers in Wales is invalid and it around 10 to 12% Welsh Speakers. The word speak Welsh appears to be prostituted in Wales to imply language fluency and accuracy.

B.BC. - Irish language facing decline in Gaeltacht communities

         This indicates that the tipping point of living language is 67% speakers. Welsh is 10 to 12% speakers. 

Archdruid says Welsh language has no strongholds left, calls for tourism tax

      This is honest account from the Archdruid about the decline of the Welsh Language. He argues that a whole range of key workers to keep the Welsh speaking communities living. It no conceivable that they will all be Welsh Speakers and they can become instant speakers of Welsh.

         If their children are required to learn a new language, they will become remedial and they will be better opportunities for them outside of Wales.

Colin Miles Pidgin Welsh confronts mutations - Welsh Institute of Affairs

      This is a very percetive honest account of Welsh Learners who worked out there was no teaching taking place in the Welsh for Adult Service. He explained it is virtually impossible for a person to learn Welsh. The problem is that only Welsh speakers know what learners really achieve. Many Welsh speakers speak slang.

B.B.C. Northern Ireland GCSEs: 'Difficult' modern languages putting pupils off

         This is account that illustrate second languages are difficult to learn. It is only in Wales that political activists are making out Welsh is to learn.

This man will attempt to learn the Manx language in one day via a live videocast

  This is political propergander that Welsh Language activists like Aran Jones is disseminating What he claimed is cognitively impossible. He is a quack playing being a teacher and researcher. All he appears interest in promoting his political propergander and taking money out of learners pockets/

Derek Forcast Welsh Speaking Fun

        Ioan Taflryn was broadcasting deSuggestopedia, which is psuedoscience method on S4C, he was claiming leaners in thier first lesson could subconsciously absorb a 1,000 words. He was brainwashing the pupil how easy it was to learn Welsh. Derek Brockway, who preached his gospel to the Barry Press, was initially brainwashed.

       This is evidence of Carwyn James, First minister at the time, being brainwashed into innocent approving Talfryn's methods.

The Gaelic language is stunningly beautiful, but I just can’t get my tongue around it

       This illustrates the difficulty of learnimg heritage languages, when the language is all not all around themThere is huge gap between starting to learn a language and sucessfully learning it, speaking a language comptently. It s around 10,000 hours.

Why there is problem in the U.K. with maths (YouTube).
        All the Welsh Government appears to be  interested in the agreements in developing  with Plaid Cymru is children learning Welsh and nothing else. Unless Welsh native Welsh and English speaking children, and English native speaking children learn their basic skills then there will only be low grade employment opportunities for them.

        Kenneth Clarke suggests if children cannot get the lower grade of G.C.S.E maths (3 or 4 English Level) will written off. The Welsh Goverment do not care about children English reading or maths attainment. All they want is children to devote most of the time learning Welsh bring thousands of Welsh words into fluency during thousands of hours of practice.

Language learning app Duolingo to mothball Welsh course

        All honest course providers warn about website learning method that promise what they cannot deliver. 
Dr Margret Newcombe Cardiff School of Weslh - Hunter and Turner - The Open University.
Professor Sarah Eaton in Canada.

      All the course do is expect learners to memorise phrases like parrots. They become able to reguritate the phrases like parrots. Learners gain a sense of progress. It is educational dead end.

       It appear Duolingo  has served in marketing initative. The Scottish Herald refers to 1.5 million Scots learning Gaelic. Unfortunately only the title is avaible. The notion that all the Scots even a elementary command of Gaelic is nonsense.

    It is a complete mystery why the university academics in the National Welsh Learning College encouraged English speaking Welsh Language Learners to use the Website.

Lament for the Welsh Language

       An American reference of bilingual psychologist have desribed bilingual education as complex. Just because someone can speak Welsh does not make them an qualified authority on Welsh Language Learing and bilingual education. Professional Q.T.S. teaching is ever increasing becoming a science. Children learning potenitial and the future of the Welsh Language will be dictated by science. Political dreams will not save it.

           Education is becoming a science. Professional Q.T.S. refer to what is  known in temrs of cognitive, neuro-science and pure bilinigual research. Howard's professional expertise much broader than just Welsh Language and bilingualism.  The research that is now avaiable to prove the crticial issues.

Critical Evidence

Tim Williams

m Williams is a qualified Welsh speaking teacher. It is reasonable to suggest that if child can suceed in learning a new language and learning through it that it they devote time to learning through their native langaue they should achieve superior outcomes. 

       The reason why there is no research into bilingual education is to make those who pursue the campaign unaccountable. No bank would invest in a buisness without a convincing business plan.

      "And please, please be sceptical of the supposed excellence of such schools from a results perspective as no-one has ever shown how it is conceivably possible for children to do better in a second language they never use outside the class and which they speak and write without fluency as compared with their home and community language."

       "There is no theory to back what is being done to English speaking Welsh kids in Welsh medium schooling and very little research has been undertaken by those who care more about education than language revival."

    "Parents and children deserve evidence based policy-making and not what we are experiencing in Wales: policy – based evidence-making."


Shah appraisal of Irish edcuation reflects what is happening in Wales. The campaing that getting children and adults to become fluent Welsh speakers is ignoring the how and putting the blame for declining Welsh Language on English speakers. Welsh is not hear on the streets of Llanelli, which was once a Welsh Language heartland.

   "Probably the biggest problem for the revival movement has been in putting the burden on the educational system, rather than in promoting the usefulness of the language in everyday life. It has been argued “that public opinion, which can be defined as the aggregate of individual beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes held by the adult population, eventually, if not immediately, is the basis of language policy” [16]. It is fairly clear that in order to revive a language, emphasis has to be placed on usage in the home and in the general community rather than isolating it in the educational system."

"It is clearly the case that a myriad of problems have hindered the Irish language and its revival. We have social pressure, bad attitudes, poor planning, geographic concerns, and monetary concerns all interacting to conspire against the language. The influence of English is so overwhelming that it is not clear in what contexts Irish would ever be used if the majority of Irish could be convinced to become functionally bilingual."

Hywel Wiliams

     This was response to an article saying the Welsh Language could be revived. He refers to the language decline relates to the language disintergrating. The language is degenerating into slang because of lack our usage.

"The research also doesn’t take into account the prospect of speakers losing their proficiency in a language, says Jones, which he thinks is unreasonable. “There is language attrition,” he says. A former statistician at Welsh Language Board, Jones raised doubts about the feasibility of the Wales government’s target of one million Welsh speakers by 2050 when the goal was being set. Keeping Welsh speakers at today’s levels would be more realistic and count as success, he says"

Hedledd Fychan


           Heddeled is the Plaid Cymru spokesperson on the Welsh Language. There is no research. There is no evidence of a rationale. Their party doed not appear to care if English speaking children to use Kenmeth words 'If they do not get low  grades in G.C.S.E. then they will be written off. '.  All they want to is children to learn Welsh and to create a catrophe of change when schools are already in national crisis. 

           The Welsh Goverment are introducing a new curriculum. They want to create world class teaching standards. It is address a national disaster as consequence of Covid-19. It now wants to turn all schools into Welsh medium. It would be an disasterous initiative.

      It will be impossible for English speakers to learn a new language to teach through. 60% of Welsh for Adult Service cannot speak proper Welsh. Teachers need advanced and accurate fluent. Many native English speakers have the command of English to be able to teach. There will huge teacher redundancy and experienced teachers will be lost to schools. There is a crisis of recruitment currently.    

"A recently published white paper setting out proposals for a Welsh Language Education Bill has been published with input from Plaid Cymru as part of the Co-Operation agreement."

         "The proposals take Wales further towards ensuring the education system delivers Welsh to all pupils in a way that creates confident speakers and one where Welsh medium provision is “normalised” within our schools and communities."

           "These proposals set out a foundation towards an education system that delivers Welsh medium education to all pupils. They include more Welsh medium schools, an increase in Welsh medium education in every school in Wales and ensuring that every child will leave school as a confident Welsh speaker by 2050."

          Continuing as we are will not safeguard the future of the Welsh Language. That’s why we need a Welsh Language Education Bill that is ambitious and brave, so that no young person living in Wales is ever again deprived of the opportunity to become bilingual.

Janet Davies - Cardiff University - The Welsh Language History

There are not monoligual Welsh speakers in Wales.

           Another of the census’s revelations was the virtual disappearance of monolingualism in Welsh. (Welsh monolingualism had lasted well into the interwar years; in 1921, 26 per cent of the inhabitants of the industrial parish of Llanddeiniolen claimed they knew no English and in one of the parishes of Llŷn (Bodferin), the entire population was monoglot Welsh.) Although adults who had no knowledge of English were to be found until the 1960s, entire communities living their lives exclusively through the medium of Welsh had ceased to exist by the mid-twentieth century.