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The Full Case - 30 Facts 

Aran Jones Newspeak

       Aran Jones was Chief Executive of Cymuned a Welsh Language community direct action group, who has since 2009 been giving Welsh lessons to earn his livelihood, it appears after the Cymuned money ran out.


        Aran Jones promised to write a his method, which is stated the title would be  'A Lunatic's Guide To Building a Language Course'. This is detailed overview of to course he has built.

       Legally Aran Jones has no legal teaching qualifications. He can only offer his unqualified personal opinions and prejudices. He also making up claims he cannot substantiate. They are unqualified opinions and most appear to amount to deliberate misrepresentation.

          This Aran Jones marketing soundbite  taken from his website:-

     This is what Hieni Gruffud a Welsh honest Welsh Language tutor said in Dr Margaret Newcombes's 2009 Cardiff School of Welsh, in her book, which was read by a cohort of Welsh second language university academic tutors. that:-

Profess Sarah Eaton is Professor Education in the University of Calgary Canada. She wrote the following when she was in a language research institute. She learnt Spanish as Adult. Unlike Aran Jones she is a professional teacher.

      Aran Jones appears to believe he can say anything he likes.

Legal Paper on his Method

     Aran Jones is exploiting Englsih speaking Welsh learners as cannon fodder to promote his political and money making interests .  He describes his method as cutting out the complicated stuff.  He is too silly to recognise that if there was a simple miracle way of learning then someone would have found it.  He is obsessed with binge learning.  He is quack. He is playing being a teacher and researcher.

      The following links are to legal paper proving the invalidity of his methods. 

Aran Jones -  Legal Paper About his Method   Click

Iestyn ap Dafydd - Legal Paper About his Method  Click

Professor Sarah Eaton. 

Professor Sarah Eaton also said that:-

"Most language teachers will tell you that what you put in, is what you get out of language studies. Companies that sell language learning products or software may claim that their method or materials will guarantee fluency in a certain period of time. Usually, that time frame just happens to correspond to their particular program. Language experts tend to be skeptical of claims that a certain method can guarantee fluency in a short period of time – and with good reason."

      Aran Jones is selling false hope.

3. Hurd and Murphy (2005) - Success with Languages - Open University.

       They stated:-  

"Often as learners we set off with unrealistic assumptions, some of which may be fostered by the advertising employed by some course providers of language learners, along the lines of 'Learn language in three weeks!  pg.7"

       This what Aran Jones is doing.

4. Professor Sarah Eaton

           Professor Sarah Eaton, who is a professor in Calgary School of Education, who learn Spanish as adult, wrote her researched paper when she was in language research institute, where stated that:-

          "The challenges of learning another language are immense. Yet millions have achieved some degree of fluency in at least one other language. Those who achieve true fluency do so because they put in dedicated, consistent effort over a long period of time. Claiming otherwise is tantamount to fraud."

       If anyone make claims that they cannot deliver to those who pay for service they will be committing fraud.

5. Aran Jones Response
      Aran Jones' does not have a clue how to a write a professional paper. He has never had any training on how to write one. He personally abuses those who challenge his practice. He is quack he is a :-

    "Fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill'
" or "'a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, qualification or credentials they do not possess; a charlatan or snake oil salesman'"      He has no teaching qualifications. He refers to his method as "Cut out the complicated stuff".

6.   Aran Jones Insane Brain Shock Method

    Aran Jones has dreamt up the bizarre brain shock learning method of learning that he claims is  insanely intensive. He claims that learners can reach a conversational level through practising for two hours a week for six months. The claim is delusional.

7. Aran Jones False Promises to Housing Officers

     Aaron Jones claimed to two housing ministers that they could reach a level of Welsh Language fluency sufficient to use in the work place if they engaged in six weekends of binge learning using his S.S.I.W. website. His claim was delusional.

8.  Aran Jones - Manx in Day Publicity Stunt

        Aran Jones went to the Isle of Man and used the Manx version of his SSIW method where he claimed he learnt Manx to a basic conversational level in seven continuous binge learning hours. This was cognitively impossible.

      Aran Jones performed his marketing stunt on a live podcast. He must havr developed a command of the phonology of the Manx language because he had created the S.S.I.W. Manx version of his S.S.I.W. website lessons. All he was doing was reading the Manx text from his computer.

      Adrian Cain’s Manx Language Officer must have known what Aran Jones was doing. 

    They claimed on Manx T.V. that they had invented a fast memorization method of language learning.

9. The Manx Advertising Stunt

      Aran Jones has published a great deal of information about his method. The only time he decided that alcohol, only Manx Vodka, improved learning was because he was obviously sponsored for advertising it.This is why he showed it to the screen at the beginning of his podcast.  

       It is unclear why Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury's Vodka could not do the same. He has never referred to it since.

10.  This Adrain Cain accont  Supported Aran Jones

      The definition of a good lesson is where the learning aims and objectives is clear to all. Adrian Cain concept of learning is the that Manx language can be poured into the brain like petrol into an tank.  It is not really surprising considering  he supported Aran Jones appalling method.

         All Aran Jones is doing is treating learners like 'parrots'. He is just saying phrases and he expecting learners to copy them. He simply provides random words.

11.  Petty -  Memorisation - Words are not learn instantly

      There is no concept of instant learning. Memories decay with time. Everyone on planet earth knows this it apart from it appears Aran Jones' and Adrian Cain's. How they cannot work that out is a complete mystery

12Word Learning

      This B.B.C. article refers to a linguist at the University of Ontario. It takes a very long time to bring even a 500 word vocabulary into fluency around three years of daily practice in a minority language that Manx and Welsh are . Aran Jones claims to achieve this in days and months.

13. Aran Jones 'Jermey Vine Stunt "

      This is another example of Aran Jones publicity stunts. Jeremy Vine B.B.C. Radio presenter was deemed to say something offensive about the Welsh Language. Aran Jones exploits this through inviting Jeremy Vine to have Welsh Lesons.

             "The lesson itself saw Mr Jones drilling the presenter on a range of permutations of "I want to learn to speak Welsh" – or "Dw I eisiau ddysgu siarad Cymraeg". "        

       This proves that Aran Jones method is based on learners to drill phrases. He appeared to attempting to brainwash Jeremey Vine. 

          Aran  Jones is quoted in saying Jeremy Vine learn seven words in ten minutes. They are words in a alien langauge phonology. It is far from assured he will retain them. The implication is that he could learn 70 words in hour and 700 words in 10 hours. He know the truth because he learn Welsh as Adult.

       Jeremey VIne gave Aran Jones money so they could learn Welsh. It is unclear if he gave them real lessson or they just used his website.


14. Aran Jones Money Making Bobsled Runs

      Aran Jones was charging £15 for these sessions.

15. Aran Jones Dysfunctional Method Overview

      Proven methods yield proven results. Aran Jones ridicules grammar teaching. He abhors positive language transfer. He has a strange notion that school teachers expect children to develop literacy skills because they are too lazy and apathetic to teach them. He claims that learners cannot learn languages from books for some strange reason.


    Aran Jones appears to castigate every element of proven methods so he can claim his so unique it is unproven and so he can offer 'something' different' to failing learners.


     All he has been doing is expecting learners to memorise phrases like ‘parrots’.  Proven methods yield proven results. He ridicules grammar teaching. He abhors positive language transfer. He has a strange notion that school teachers expect children to develop literacy skills because they are too lazy and apathetic to teach them. He claims that Q.T.S. school teachers do not know how to trach languages.

16. Asking Senedd for Money


        Aran Jones has no legal teaching qualifications. All he has been doing is putting his lessons into cyberspace and collecting money. He has no face-to-face relationships with those he offers lessons to. It's absolutely ridiculous to suggest that anyone can achieve anyone resembling native -like language fluency in foreign countries. He claims to have taught an Australian speak Spanish in one day.


17. Agored Cymru Application (Rejected)


           Aran Jones attempt to create a accredit assessment for his S.S.I.W. Website lessons from Agored Cyrmu, which is a Welsh Governments workplace accreditation qualification service, but it rejected. Although he calls himself chief executive he has no board.

       The claim that his association with them proved his website was in association with improving the quality of course and value for money was a false assertion. The fact that  his application exists in the public domain illustrates that he was publishing his application to promote his website before gaining approval.

18.  History            

          This is account of Aran Jones intentions are very interesting. Dr Margaret Newcombe in her book refers to thousands of learners trying to learn Welsh and failing to learn it. The only purpose of learning a language is to use it to communicate with others. Aran Jones appears to be on a crusade to create Welsh speakers across the world and for some of them to come to Wales to increase the Welsh Speaking population.

        Aran Jones is creating other versions of his S.S.I.W. course in different languages.

19. Aran Knows the Truth

     The following quote 'Some Sex and Hills illustrates that Aran Jones is exploiting the concept of fluency to decieve learners. He is also referring to find friends to meet and socialise through the medium of Welsh.

20. Aran Jones appears to believe Adults can Learn Like Children.


     "What was it about SSiW that hooked me? I think the main thing was that it de-mystified the whole process. Whenever I had attempted to look at Welsh grammar in the past (and of course, in traditional courses, grammar is usually the first thing they throw at you), I just ended up completely baffled."

       " SSiW cleverly managed to get round all of that. There is no doubt a bit of "grammar" lurking somewhere deep within SSiW, but it's simply something you don't have to worry about. If, once you are well advanced, you feel the urge to peek into a grammar book, all well and good, but it's not essential, or even necessary."

        " It's the nearest thing to learning to speak as a child that I can imagine"

        This clearly illustrates that Aran Jones was offering his personal version of Wlpan where he expected learners to subconsciously pick up words and grammar subconsciously.

21.  Professor John Sweller Paper

        Professor John Sweller is an educational psychologist who created a branch of cognitive science. He was declared educationalist of the year by the Tes in 2018. The concept that adults cannot learn like three-year-olds, what is referred to as biologically primary learning, is accepted by academics. It is proven. This cannot be disputed.

       Aran Jones treated adults like children.

22. Colin Miles Criticism 

         Colin Miles refers to  SSIW, Aaron Jones website political activities and warns that the English speakers tolerance of Welsh speakers demands could become very fragile. He was collecting money for vandal chose to go to prison rather than pay his fine. 

23.  Aran Jones  appears to Decieve People to Patronise his S.S.IW.

     It's unclear whether the patriotism that he claimed that he has been given is genuine.  It is extremely serious misrepresentation for him to publish testimonial from Professor of linguistic. She is not a teaching authority. Leanne Woods is, was a respected politician, is not an authority on teaching. Aran Jones appears to be a person lacking integrity.

24. Aran Jones Alogritmn Scam

         This appears to be another of Aran Jones scams attempting to impress and, or encouraging learners to part with their money. Alogrithms are very complex mathematical calculations with repeated matrixs. He appears to claiming they can be used to translate his method into other languages.

25. Aran Jones the Welsh Language Activist 

      This the type of 'eco warrior' type behaviour Aran Jones was promoting in 2000s when he was Chief Executive of Cymuned. He appears to be engaging a war against English speakers for no good reason.

26. Aran Jones Method are Farcical

           Aran Jones has been invited to give Welsh Lessons by Carol Vordaman. All he does is say something in Welsh to learners, they then say it and he says it again. It is what Confucius 848 B.C. refers to as Feeding a Duck.  It is morally abhorrent that he is giving his lessons to learners.     

All Aran Jones if offering is radom phrases. He just assumed that can learn like parrots. Learners memorise them and they then memorise another set.

27.  Professor Daniel Mujis and Professor David Reynolds

        These professors of education illustrates that there is a great deal of research on proven teaching and learning methods. Reynolds wrote over thirty books prior to his retirement. Psychotherapists are not educational experts.

       Mujis and Reynolds call for the abandoment of D.I.Y. methods. Mr Ioan Talfryn deSuggestopedia method was a D.I.Y. method because it was made. It was a D.I.Y. method for learners who were expected to do all the work.themselves through self-study.

28. Proven Methods

       It is common knowledge that proven methods are those that are practiced by large populations of practitioners that pertains to research accepted by large populations of learners, including leading authorities in their fields. All schools in the United Kingdom and predominantly all quality second language course providers teach grammar. Therefore it is a proven method.

         The public often do not appear to appreciate that professional Q.T.S. teaching is practiced by millions of teachers every day across the developed world.  It is so highly researched that the basic proven principles of it cannot be questioned.

29.  Contempt for Professional Teachers.      

          Aran Jones appears to be lamentably ignorant that professional teachers are extreme highly trained professional trained. has evidence that  he personally abuses professional teachers. All professional teachers across the world conform to common standard of teaching practice and they share an understanding of learnes needs.

30. Aran Jones Delusional Dreams

      Aran Jones, who has never been near a school of education, is know claiming he wants to improve language eduaction on a national and global stage.


         There is a master apprentice view of learning new languages. It is a I can speak a language and I will show you how to do it. There is also a traditional websites claiming that languages can be learnt in ridiculous short timescales as Professor Sarah Eaton in Canada refers to. This is how the companies make a lot of money. This what appears Aran Jones is only interested it. Aran Jones is trying to market his website in other langauges to make money.

       Aran Jones demonstrates no interest in the Welsh Language. His methods are so silly they defy credibilty. If methods work then every second language tutor in the world would use them. He appears too lamentably ignorant to understand that millions of hours of research into teaching and learning has been undertaking across the world. He is a quack playing being teacher and researcher.

      It appears Aran Jones appears to be xenaphobically discriming against English speakers through using them as cannon fodder to promote his personal, political and money making. It appears to be an offence to discriminate against ethnic groups when providing a service.


The following is one of  Aran Jones Forum.