SSIW Executive Summary

       When Welsh learners devote their valuable time and their hard-earned money to learn Welsh or any other language, they expect to be given constructive learning support that will offer them secure avenues to ever-increasing learning success. They expect and they legally entitled to receive promises that can be delivered and pragmatic learning support when a service is being provided for financial remuneration.


     Those who do have legal teaching qualifications can only offer their unqualified personal opinions and prejudices. There is absolutely no evidence that Aran Jones has any training to tutor Welsh to adults. His practice illustrates it. Legally even if legally qualified teachers make claims and applying practices that cannot be legally proved, then they will be expressing and applying their unqualified personal opinions and prejudices.

      Aran Jones in his book (2016) "Some Sex and a Hill" in 2016 he promised he would be writing a book to explain how he created his 'SaysomehthinWelsh' course that will be titled a "Lunatics Guide to Building a Language Course". He referred to his brainshock methods as insanely intensive. He is reported as expecting Jeremy Vine B.B.C. presenter in one of his publicity stunts to drill ' I want to learn to speak Welsh' as he was learning Welsh. It appeared to have been brainwashing.

        Aran Jones and Iestyn ap Dafydd approached the Welsh Government because they wanted their Wlpan methods practised in schools. It is practised in schools. It is practised in the type of schools like the one in Saint Fagan's Cardiff, the Welsh National Museum of History, where children are given the experience of what it was like to be taught in school in the early 1900s.

    We all accept products and services in good faith because we do not have the expertise to evaluate them. Aran Jones and Estyn ap Dafydd have been playing being teachers and researchers. They have not got a clue about how to teach or how learners learn. They are the equivalent of cowboy builders, but it is only Q.T.S. teachers who are sufficiently qualified to identify their sham methods.

       Their mission statement is:-

"We’re a team of energetic people who are passionate about language education, working together towards a shared goal – trying to improve language education on a national and global scale, using the unique SaySomethingin Method."

They have no teaching qualifications. They believe that know more than all the leading educationalists of in the world. Their conduct is delusional.

      Richard Skemp, who is one of most brilliant educationalists that has ever lived, who had a profound influence on the modern development of education, contended that behaviourist models of learning are based on experiments with rats and pigeons and that human beings are intelligent species, this why we differ from being animals.

    The Wlpan method is an animal training one. It is method that anyone Tom, Dick and Mary can instruct without any training.

        Aran Jones S.S.I.W. was practising a version of the method that was practised by the university academics in the Welsh for Adult service, but since 2018 they have been required to apply proven methods. They were expecting learners to drill phrases like musicians practise scales so they could memorise them. It was claimed in Media Wales that Aran Jones expected his learners to drill phrases. They were treating learners as if they were parrots.

      Behaviourist methods are professionally recognised as a brain-dead method for teacher and child or adult. It is not teaching. It is instructing. Any Q.T.S teacher practising it would be struck off for practising it.

        Aran Jones was claiming on his website that a professor of linguistics had given him a testimonial stating words to the effect that the S.S.I.W methods flew in the face of accepted second language practice, but the methods worked. What it was actually saying was that he was applying unproven methods that worked. The evidence Aran Jones knew what he was doing. His conduct cannot be viewed as innocent.

    Aran Jones is misrepresenting himself as a Chief Executive , but S.S.I.W. has no executive board. He is not accountable to anyone, unlike those tutoring Welsh for Adult Service, who are inspected by Estyn.

        There cannot be any honest reason why Aran Jones, who must be held accountable for his partners conduct, has twice unlawfully reported Howard to the police for criminally harassing S.S.I.W. for professionally criticising their methods, knowing that he only had a degree in English Literature and that in the submission he made to the Welsh government in 2013 he never claimed to taught anyone Welsh face to face. 

        Howard has a teaching masterate and thirty years of school teaching experience. He possess post-graduate education teaching certificate that includes Q.T.S. Welsh Language teaching. 

         Aran Jones and the police who accepted the allegations appear to be lamentably ignorant of the fact that teachers are extremely highly trained to practise to exacting standards. Professional Q.T.S. teachers are registered. They are required to apply exacting standards of teaching practice and to conform to exacting standards of practice in their private lives.


        Aran Jones and the police appear to be ignorant of the fact that teaching is a legal process. Those with Q.T.S. teaching masterates are the equivalent to consultants in medicine. They are trained to direct practice and to defend criticism.


         Aran Jones and Iestyn ap Dafydd made a submission to the Welsh government in 2013 that they wanted their appalling Wplan method to be practised in schools. The only school that would be legally qualified to practice the method would be the school in the National Museum of History in Saint Fagan's, Cardiff. The method is what children used to receive in the early 1900s.


         Teaching is a legal process. It refers to proven methods, which are methods that are practised by thousands of practitioners that pertains to research accepted by thousands of practitioners, especially leading authorities in their field. Aran Jones was castigating proven methods while referring to his 'Cut out the complicated stuff' methods, so he could offer false promises and claim anything he liked. It appears the National Welsh Language College amazingly approved his methods.


            Aran Jones has been skilfully marketing his S.S.I.W. method for years. It has been well documented. He claimed in 2016 to have learnt Manx from scratch in seven intensive binge learning hours to a basic conversational level using the Manx version of his S.S.I.W. method  He believed because he performed his learning stunt on a live YouTube podcast that, no one could question it.

       Aran Jones convinced the Manx Islanders of what he had done. He appeared on Manx T.V. claiming he discovered new fast memorisation of method of learning languages. All he was practising was the Wlpan method. Any Tom, Dick and Mary should be able to replicate his stunt by practising for a hour each day of week. Aran Jones appears to be the only person planet Earth to discover what he did not. It was cognitively impossible.



        The conduct of Aran Jones and Iestyn ap Dafydd, his partner in making a submission to the Welsh government seriously expecting their S.S.I.W. method to be practised in schools and their conduct in unlawfully reporting Howard, who is a highly qualified educationalist, to the police for criminally harassing Howard for professionally criticising their methods unquestionably indicates that they are quacks and their conduct cannot be viewed as innocent, especially as they are providing a service for financial remuneration. Quackery is defined as:-

"fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill" or "a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, qualification or credentials they do not possess; a charlatan or snake oil salesman"

They have been playing teachers and researchers. The only place they are entitled to play at being teachers and researchers is in a Wendy house.    

    Aran Jones was doing the equivalent of selling Peckham top water as Spring Water, where he was inviting celebrities and certain institutions to approve the taste. He was using their innocent approval to market the synthetic quality of his methods.All Aran Jones was doing was putting random phrases into cyberspace. The cost of providing the sentences must have been very low. He claimed to have 8,000 subscribers to his website to the Welsh Government. It is a very easy method of making money. 


     Aran Jones actually admits he failed to learn the languages where he lived when he was  abroad. He is claiming learners across the world can successfully learn Welsh where the language is not all around them and also in Wales where the Welsh Language is generally not all around them through using his poxy S.S.I.W. cyberspace lessons. He admits in his book he went to pubs to learn Welsh and he also found Welsh speaking friends to socialise with.    


1. Aran Jones has no legal teaching qualifications. He has never taught in the Welsh for Adult Service. He never claimed to the Welsh Government that he had ever taught Welsh.

2. Aran Jones is simply putting arbitrary phrases into cyberspace, which he expected learners to drill so they can commit them to memory. He is expecting them to play being parrots.

3. Learners who memorise phrases fluently gain a sense of false accomplishment because they can start to engage in elementary conversations, but it does not provide them with secure avenues that lead forward to developing long-term learning success, but course providers get their money.

4. The problem with the word speak a language is that it can mean anything, it can be used to imply significant accomplishment, including fluency, but it can mean applying only a limited set of phrases.

5. Aran Jones could not have access to the thousands of learners he claims use his website because he had no means of assessing their attainment or anyone else. He has been implying those who claimed they could speak a language were successful learners.

6. Aran Jones did not have a clue how to teach or how learners learn. He was making promises he could not deliver and he was giving reckless learning advice. He knew what he was doing because he learnt Welsh as Adult.

7. Aran Jones was marketing his S.S.I.W. lessons giving abjectly ridiculous promises about how quickly Welsh could be learnt. He was giving reckless learning advice and he putting a carrot of hope in front of learners. He was also giving false hope to struggling and failed learners.

8. The most plausible reason Aran Jones created his Manx in the Day stunt was he believed that if he put a live podcast on YouTube where people could watch him learn Manx from scratch that it could not be questioned. It never entered his head that it could be proved to be cognitively impossible and that there is a great deal of research on new language learning.

9. Aran Jones legal teaching status is ‘a quack’ because he has been playing being and teacher-researcher exploiting learners for personal, political and money-making interests. His claims and methods are delusional.

10. We all accept service in good faith because we do not have the expertise to evaluate them. Aran Jones was creating empires of deceit by creating publicity stunts where soft targets like the celebrities in his recent S4C broadcast were praising his methods.

There are many new language websites that are trash, but they are very cautious about what they claim. They do not seek patronage to support their methods. They do not go around reporting leading teaching experts to the police for harassing them by criticising their methods.