SSIW Aran Jones Sham


          The parrot learning method that Aaron Jones is promoting is illustrated by Adrian Cain’s Mank speaker when he introduced the book of monks phrases. He claims that they need memorise phrases.

          What happens is that that learners become able to fluently recall the memorised phrases that avoids the cognitive overload associated with constructing language phrases and sentences. It gives learners a sense of progress because they can communicate using the language, but it is a learning dead end.

Xx refers to completing all the course units of the deulingo Gaelic course. Could she speak Gaelic after doing the course? She could speak some Gaelic phrases, but should could not.

           Learning a new language can be described as an everlasting journey as opposed to a destination that can be reached. Welsh cannot be learn to any purposeful level as Aran Jones claims and he clearly gets remunerated for what he presents.

This what Professor Sarah Eaton said:-

             "Most language teachers will tell you that what you put in, is what you get out of language studies. Companies that sell language learning products or software may claim that their method or materials will guarantee fluency in a certain period of time. Usually, that time frame just happens to correspond to their particular program. Language experts tend to be skeptical of claims that a certain method can guarantee fluency in a short period of time – and with good reason."

         'The reality is that language acquisition is a complex process that involves communication, grammar, structure, comprehension and language production along with reading, writing, speaking and listening, just to name a few of the simpler aspects of language learning."

           All Aran Jones is doing is putting randophrases in the cyberspace and making ridiculous claims about what those using his website have a achieved. The problem with the word speak is it meaning, it could mean someone saying ‘bore dda'Or someone fluently speaking a language language.

Language is strictly speaking cannot be learnt in classrooms. They certainly cannot be learnt from websites. Learners need to go out and interact with speakers of a language. In simple terms new languages need to be lived.

          Aran Jones’ dreams about his enable people communicating through Welsh across the world can only be described as a delusion. One only have to walk the streets of Cardiff or Swansea to establish people are rarely communicating through Welsh on the streets of Wales.



         The evidence of Aran Jones conduct in the Isle of Man was he was playing politics with the Manx Public. He was promoting a dream on the Isle of Man that the Manx Language could be easily learnt to a basic conversational level in seven binge learning hours. The podcast he gave deceived those who watched it that he must have succeeded in learning it.


         What I find very strange as what Aran Jones claimed was not cognitively possible why none of the claimed Manx speaking islanders did not see through his sham. He applied no only to promote himself but also his political campaigns in Wales. He was advertising Manx Vodka in the process.