SSIW Police Harrassment

        Reputable companies do not go running to the police when disputes arise, they instruct solictors. The police are not qualified to inform on pedagogic issues. It is not a crimimal offence to refer someone to trading standards and to make complaints to third parties. All S S.I.W. needed to do was to answer them.

     Dafydd ap Iestyn on behalf of Aran Jones reported Howard for criminal harassing S.S.I.W. to the police in 2016 knowing Howard had a teaching masterate and that he had promised to report S.S.I.W. to Trading standards. This suggests the integrity of S.S.I.W. was legally being questioned. 

        If S.S.I.W. was trading lawfully. If they were trading legally, they would have had no cause to be concerned about Howard's promise. There should not have been a cause to refer to them in the warning letter to the police. 

      The reference to S.S.I.W. helping learners to learn Welsh omitted to refer to the fact that they were charging for the help they are contractually required to be offered. This had no relevance to criminal behaviour. The warning clearly illustrates that S.S.I.W. was under the delusion it was a crimimal offence for Howard to professional criticise their methods.

    Howard has documentary evidence that the third party that was referred to in the warning was Agored Cyrmu and that they had contacted Mr Aran Jones about S.S.I.W. falsely claiming they had an association with them that time. This suggests that S.S.I.W. must have forseen that trading standards would have an interest. There is no reference to it in the letter.

       They both must have forseen that if the police served the harasment warning then Howard could be changed for making any future professional criticisms of the S.S.I.W. and they must have known that police officers are not qualified to inform on pedagogic issues. They were unlawfully given a 'gagging order' by the police.

      They were both lamentably ignonant of the law and they did not even explain what was malicious about Howard's conduct.

      The law exists to protect the citizen. Police are not legally qualified to inform on pedagogic issues. This is why the allegations were not criminal ones. S.S.I.W. should have instructed solicitors.

The reporting Howard to the police was clearly aim a defaming Howard for no honest reason. There is more evidence to follow.

Mr Howard Gunn B.Ed., M.Ed.,

Dear Howard Gunn

saysomethingin Welsh

22 nd June 2016

Re: Your correspondence regarding

I write to ask you formally to stop your campaign of harassment against Cyf, the directors, lestyn ap Dafydd and Aran Jones, and our partner companies.

Your letters and emails are upsetting, Irritating and consume time that should be spent helping people who are trying to achieve the difficult but achievable task of learning a language, especially Welsh. You have now spread your net to include partner organisations in your campaign, which is causing us even more work in reassuring them.

I have been in contact with the Taff Ely Community Mental Health Team, and under their advice, have also involved the Police in this matter. As I understand it, you will receive a visit from South Wales Police, on an informal basis, in the near future to discuss your campaign.

If you believe that we are behaving badly — and the briefest of research would show you that we are not then I can not, and would not prevent you from taking your complaint to Trading Standards, as you have promised to do. However, if your harassment of us or our partners continues, then I shall have no option but to complain formally to the Police,

Yours sincerely

lestyn ap Dafydd

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