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Assessment and Examanations

Some of these papers may be unavaible

The Titles need to be research on YouTube atarting with Tes

After sitting 28 GCSE papers in four weeks, I was left thinking, "What was the point of all that?" Natile Brundell****'

What is the Value of Exams T.E.S. Editorial

'GCSEs don't matter nearly as much as we make out'

Revision: ‘Highlighting words isn't the answer

GCSE pass chances drop after each resit attempt |

Philip Pullman: Government's exams 'fetish' ruins lives | Tes News

The Warped Sats Culture

Dylan Wiliam - Pisa has not Value


I was a Guinea Pig for the G.C.S.E. Reforms

G.C.S.E England Low Pass Grades

Negative Effects on G.C.S.E on Low Attaining Children

'It's time to rethink assessment' (sponsored) | Tes

Practising Sats

Why Should Children be Branded as Failure

School Targets had their Day Ofstead


'Can we get every student to love maths?'

Take a ‘simple’ approach to teaching grammar

Pupils 'lack critical literacy skills to identify fake news'

Social media 'catastrophic' for teachers

Long Read Teacher Hate Teaching Grammar

The Importance of Oracy

Crisis of Writing Standards in England

Stop Interfering in Maths Helen Ward (#)

Maths Mastery from Signapore - Helen Ward

16 Year Old Told they cannot Do Maths

More Children Stuggling wtih Vocabulary Teachers Say

Exposure to Vocabulary**

How to improve paired talk in primary maths

Five Year Olds in Tears over Assessments (Scotland)

National Tests to be Offered in Gaelic

Modern  Language 

Words learnt in Modern Foreign Language - Tes Community

Should we take a more 'German' approach to MFL? | Tes News

Learn a language – and teach it at the same time


Genetic and Education

We Need On Grand Theory of Education for All

School Should be Wary of using Neuro- Science in the Classroom -Says Academic

Evolution of the Learning Brain - Neuro-science

The False Promise of Neuroscience

Memories are Made of This - Dylan Wiliam - (Has he got this right)

Blackmore - Neuro-science - Plastic brain 


Teacher Status

'Is anyone ready for Ofsted tackling curriculum?'

 Behaviour management: it’s all about the br

Are you teaching ‘zombie’ lessons?

Phonics research in adult education needed

How to Solve the Teacher Retention Crisis

Teachers Falling for Fads 

Teacher Stress

Teacher Workload

Curriculum. Back to the Future

he MIracle of Success EAL students

English Gov. Primary Times Tables Tests0A#m

Most 14 Year Old Do not Do Homework on Weekdays - Helen Ward

Parents Key to Children's Literacy Success - Helen Ward

CBI Less Rote and Emphasis on Exmaninatiions

CBI Teaching we can be Proud of

Are Dfi Policies Valid

Most 14 Years Olds Do No Homework on Average Weekday

Getting Parents into School is Key to Literacy Success