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Neuro-Science - hgunn.uk

          The brain is the most complicated thing in the universe. Reference to neuroscience is frequently made in education, even by schools, because it sounds impressive. Cognitive science refers to the learning processes, while neuroscience considers the brain's functioning. It has been established that some people have more efficient noodle wiring, white matter connections between the brain hubs. Cognitive science has established that children with high working memory will always be better in basic skills.

       Duncan Astle of Cambridge University of the Brain, in his Learnus Lecture, refers to a whole list of neuro myths that have been exposed. Reference to neuro-research illustrates that there remains considerable certainty in respect to what is known. There is also growing certainty. The evidence of dyslexia resembles colour blindness. It is a deficit in the acquisition of phonological processing.

          There is also the issue of biologically primary learning. We are primed to learn oral language and apply problem-solving. They cannot be taught. We are not primed to learn to read. High-order problem-solving skills need to be developed from natural problem-solving skil