The Manx Language Dream - Aran Jones Manx in a Day Stunt

        The tipping point of a living language is 67% of speakers. This reflects the fact that it takes 10,000 hours to develop anything resembling fluency in a native language, its environment and needs to exist not only to keep the language living but also its environment needed to learn it,

        The notion that the Manx Language that that has 2.2% Manx speakers on the Isle of Man can be resurrected can only be described as delusional. Manx cannot be learnt from scratch to a basic conversational level in seven binge learning hours as Aaron Jones claimed to have done.

        Aran Jones even claimed to have a 20-minute conversation in Manx with Adrian Keynes Manx language officer.  The stunt was not undertaken before 12 p.m. on the 1st of April, so it must have been the biggest miracle since biblical times.

        This has been happening with Scottish Gaelic also. Learning a language can be described as an everlasting journey as opposed to the destination and can be reached. he problem with minority languages is only the minority speakers of the language can evaluate how well someone speaking it.

        If Aran Jones wants to approve the lease use methods already had to do was invite a Manx Islander to learn Manx or for Adrain Cairns to devote seven hours is time to learn Welsh. The simple issue is that Wales has professional Welsh language teachers, Welsh advisory teachers and teacher trainers and inspectors.