Why University Academics are not Expert Teachers

         The problem that exists in society is the contempt that exists for Q.T.S. teachers. The Welsh Government has been independently advised to recruit more teachers with teaching masterates to improve school standards. It appears that Professor Sioned Davies, Professor of Welsh, and the Welsh Language Society want to degrade them.


     Lord Cockcroft was a mathematical educator at the University of Hull who wrote “Mathematics Counts” 1982, which is the most thorough commission report into education, apart from Bullock 1985 into languages. Cockcroft advised that rote teaching should be abandoned across the curriculum in every subject. Professor Graham Donaldson is at the Glasgow School of Education. Teacher trainers observe teaching when they assess their students in schools. They have an intimate understanding of children's needs.


      Professor Sioned Davies spent her career in a school of Welsh. She was qualified to understand the implications for children’s education, which is clearly a secret garden to her and those who advised her.

      The overwhelming majority of Q.T.S. teachers simply practice teaching. A small portion are teacher trainers do. They are not necessarily pure researchers. Howard has been trained to undertake educational research. He has researched his specialities in his retirement. He has referred to leading authorities in their fields. Teaching is such a deep science no teacher can be an expert in every field.


     Universities do not offer courses up to A’level standards apart from second languages. They to so because learning a new language from scratch is needed for certain degree courses. The second language courses that they offer are for undergraduate intelligent learners. University maths academics, for instance, do not teach maths to children, community learners, or students up to A’Level.


     The knowledge, understanding, and skill that is needed to teach effectively can be as deep if not deeper than the subject understanding, knowledge, and skills needed to be taught. Students drop out of universities when the academic tutors fail to cater for their student's needs. School teachers must teach children of all learning potential, and they cannot bury their failing children. We never hear of university schools failing or being put on special measures.


        The problem that legally qualified school teachers confront is that a proportion of children do not want to be imprisoned in schools each day. There are 33% of children who will always find learning difficult, and they can become disheartened with their lack of learning success. In optional degrees course that universities offer, students choose to go to them, and they will unquestionably want to succeed. This applies to the Welsh Adult Service, who are providing a service to community learners, not academic students.


         The vast volume of educational research that exists in attempt to create learning effectiveness and attempts to cater for the needs of underperforming children, who are struggling to learn. The injustice of life is that research discoveries that will improve the capabilities of the less able children will benefit the more able children. Professor Robert Plomin, who is a geneticist, states that the more we educate children, the wider the gap in children’s attainment becomes.  There is huge streaming by methodology in the Welsh Adult Service provided by University academics.


          Professional Q.T.S. teachers have been trained to teach since the 1850s. There has been a master-apprentice model of teacher training in the United Kingdom for generations. Teachers who have been trained in schools of education to teach and acquire the corporate intelligence that exists. Only teachers with proven track records will be appointed to schools of education. They will teach the upcoming generation how to teach. Amongst them, there will be teachers who will become future teacher trainers.


            There are educational libraries in schools of education. There is no evidence that Welsh Language academics know they exist. Teaching is so well-researched that Q.T.S. teachers do need to reinvent the educational wheel. Excellent teaching practice is applied throughout the Western world. Professor David Reynolds referred to American maths teaching practice to establish the best teaching practice, not academic Welsh Language teachers.


         The incompetence of the university academics in the National Welsh National Learning College illustrates in their advising learners to learn Welsh using Deulingo. It has now been reported in the media are abandoning the Welsh Language version of their website. Any regitstered Q.T.S. teacher who advised learners to use Deulingo or Aran Jones S.S.I.W. methods would at the very least be very seriously reprimanded for dishonest and incomptence. The college clearly possess not understanding of learners needs. The service is supposed to applying poven methods.



 Teaching is increasingly becoming a science. There are educational neuroscientists practising in certain schools of education. The process of teaching and learning is common to all subjects in the curriculum, and the basic principles of professional practice are refined in the subject disciplines. Languages are a specialism of the general principles of teaching and learning. Second languages are a further specialism. Languages like Welsh is a further specialism. This is because there are unique characteristics in every language.


        There is a failure to understand in society that teaching is a language in Wales. The fact that someone reads something does not mean they will understand it. Teachers who work at the pit face of learning understand learners' needs. In common with medicine, there is a common ground understanding between teachers. The Welsh Language Society is not an educational authority. The Welsh public has been brainwashed into believing Welsh is easy to learn by them and or other Welsh Language activists.


       Q.T.S. have teachers' children’s futures in their hands. Professor Sioned Davies and the Welsh Language Society do not care a damn about Welsh and English-speaking children’s education.


       All Q.T.S. teachers have their teaching competence assessed and their educational understanding. Professor Sioned Davies was the project manager that led to her recommendations. She must have some intelligence. Dr Margeret Newcombe, in her book, stated it was difficult for adult Welsh learners in Cardiff to find to use their Welsh through.


       Children only have one life. They only have one education. The only university academics who are authorities on education are in schools of education. Howard's research on Welsh-medium education refers to a whole cohort of experts in every field. There is no Welsh Language centre in Welsh speaker's brains, and the notion that only fluent Welsh speakers can inform on Welsh Language issues is a prejudice.

Howard Gunn B.Ed.,M.Ed.,